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The vibe of MONDO Con was way more subdued than that of Fantastic Fest Film Festival, which was immediately previous to this particular weekend long event. The second annual convention, which was held in Austin, Texas at the Marchesa Theater and the Holiday Inn, which was directly across the street, boasted a marvelous line up of artists and vendors.

In case you are not aware of what exactly MONDO and MONDO Con are, please please take heed if you absolutely love movies, and like myself, enjoy collecting anything movie related.

We create limited edition screen printed posters for our favorite classic and contemporary films, TV shows, and comics, along with vinyl movie soundtracks, VHS re issues, toys and apparel. In addition to our on line shop, we have a permanent gallery space in Austin, TX featuring a mix of original artwork and limited edition screen prints.

MONDO had humble beginnings. In 2004, Tim League, the founder and CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema,"the coolest theater in the nation" according to, decided to open up a small t-shirt shop in Austin. It mainly carried shirts donning classic movie images and decals.

Almost immediately, the first set of prints created by Rob Jones were extremely well received. His screen prints for the films Better Off Dead, Foxy Brown, and The Warriors were coveted to say the least, and started a buzz around the little t-shirt shop. Mr. League became aware that not only movie fans were excited, but numerous other artists were chomping at the bit to become involved.

MONDO highlights some of the most extremely talented artists I've ever seen, and commissions them to do a limited number of exquisite prints for newly released films as well as classic staples of cinema.

Mrs. Erica Williams enjoying her 1st MONDO Con.
Mrs. Erica Williams enjoying her 1st MONDO Con.

MONDO Con isn't just a laid back and unparalleled showcase of fine artistic talents though. Screenings of the films which inspired some of the seminal pieces in the MONDO collection were enjoyed as well. Celebrating the recent release of the vinyl soundtrack to Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, the Con hosted a free screening of the contemporary masterpiece. Tchaikovsky was most well known for his timeless effort creating the music for the original Ballet. Clint Mansell, the music supervisor on the Black Swan film, beautifully and respectfully deconstructed the beloved musical notes, making it a welcome addition. Other screenings at MONDO Con consisted of the Goonies, Tim Burton's Batman, and John Carpenter's Halloween. The option to buy limited, numbered, and signed prints were available at each of the screenings.

Available at
Available at

Kicking off MONDO Con, was the very first ever live concert presentation spearheaded by Death Waltz Records and MONDO. On October 3rd, The legendary Italian composer Fabio Frizzi payed tribute to another legend. Lucio Fulci, the iconic Horror filmmaker, responsible for movies such as The New York Ripper, City of the Living Dead, Shark vs. Zombie, enjoyed utilizing Frizzi to direct his film scores. Many other notable Italian Horror Directors, used established classical musicians and composers in the late 60's and 70's as well.

MONDO's premiere concert event was also Fabio Frizzi's first ever time on US soil performing live, with his eight piece ensemble behind him, recreating some of the breathtaking soundscapes from Fulci's motion pictures. 35MM clips of the corresponding films, were elegantly paced with the music. The first stop on only a five city North American tour was held at an old brick church in Downtown Austin, TX. It was only a stones throw away from the drunken debauchery and award winning pizza of 6th Street.

A few miles away from the concert venue, is the Marchesa. Outside the Marchesa Theater, parked an exceptional variety of food trucks. Everything from gourmet burgers and hot dogs, to coffee and teas, pizza, and BBQ, and OF COURSE.......craft beer. Once inside,the artists and discussion panels were spread about the building. Approximately 40 artists were on hand, and each and every one that I approached seemed extremely eager to engage in conversation and overwhelmingly thrilled to be in attendance.

Besides the wall to wall artworks on display and for purchase, a live mural painting done by Sam Wolfe Connelly was being completed throughout the weekend.

You may think that these incredible works of art will make you go hungry, but I was pleasantly surprised at what some of these artists were asking for their work. I was honestly rather saddened when I peeked into my wallet before leaving for MONDO Con, and realizing my funds were nearly exhausted. This meant no goodies for Danni I assumed. I was incorrect in this assumption. I managed to leave the Convention broke, yes, but had acquired a few new prints to add to my collection. I mean, I was walking away with some of these for five dollars! Toys, vinyls, limited was all so spectacular, and it was a absolutely gorgeous South Texas day out this afternoon.

I HAD to have this American Psycho, by Jason Liwag.
I HAD to have this American Psycho, by Jason Liwag.

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