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The Justice League is debatably the most powerful superhero team among all others. However, if they ever crossed each other in battle, who would win? Who is the most creative, powerful, knowledgeable, skillful, instinctive and durable in the J.L.A.?

Round two, surprisingly eliminated Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman from the arena. I thought for sure the Martian would have no problem defeating the Man of Steel, however, as your votes show, I was way off on that! Martian Manhunter lost to Superman 112 to 82.

Wonder Woman also didn't reach my expectation. The Flash beat her with a score of 138 to 54! Obviously people really like the Scarlet Speedster, good thing, too, because now he will have to contend with the heaviest hitter in the Justice League: Superman himself!


Powers and Skills: Super strength, super speed, invulnerability, heat vision, x-ray vision, flight and the ability to process information at advanced speeds. Superman's alternate persona as reporter Clark Kent has given him a keen sense of observation and problem solving.

Weaknesses: Kryptonite, magic and a willingness to hold back.


The Flash

Powers and Skills: Super speed, advanced healing and ability to process information at advanced speeds. Less than an attosecond! One attosecond is 100 times less than a second!

Weaknesses: Must consume a high amount of calories on a frequent basis, incapable of running on ice and susceptible to bullets and both blunt and edged weapons.

In conclusion, here are some things to think about before voting.

Both Superman and The Flash have superhuman speed, but everyone knows that the Flash is the fastest man alive. Could Superman even land a single hit on him? On the other hand, could the Flash survive a single hit? Vote now!


Superman OR The Flash?

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Stay Tuned For More Face-Offs In The Future!


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