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As we offer our condolences to Predatory Lez and limbless Caulfield on this episode of Scream Queens, gone but never forgotten. Will miss her awesome sleeve tattoos and her romantic interlude with Chanel #3. And as for Caulfield, well, would be best served as breakfast sausage links at the butcher shop. On 7 minutes in Hell episode, the Kappa girls do a slumber party to play "Truth or Dare. Zayday and Grace longing for proof of the killer’s identity, secured the Kappa house from escape in order to find some clues. But first, its Spin the Bottle, dickies not included.

The girls finally vote for a new Kappa president but ends in a tie between Chanel O and Zayday. Unable to individually bride voters, Chanel O changes her stand and accepts a co-presidency. (Chanel rule, Never be a leader during extreme crisis.) Now that the Black hairy tongue event, is over, Zayday decides to have a sorority slumber party. Locking everyone to play games including, Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare, the girls believe someone will reveal dark secrets and maybe discover who’s the killer. Chad and his posse discover there’s a party and launch a timeless scenario, panties raid.

As the bottle twirls onto Predatory Lez, Chanel # 2 kisses her and all of her inner feelings are answered. It turns out Chanel #2 is the daughter of psychopath, Charles Manson and anyone in love with her becomes uncontrollably addictive to her. (Which is why she wears ear muffs) She avoids herself having any relationship or feelings with anyone. Told in confidence to Lez, she’s betrayed and punishes Lez by daring her to sit in the bathtub, located down in the storage room for 7 minutes, alone.

Courtesy Fox. Chanel O. preps for co-presidency.
Courtesy Fox. Chanel O. preps for co-presidency.

Chad storms the castle through second floor with a ladder. (And how did he get one?). Obviously, guess who shows up, The Red Devil as he makes his presence known holding a firefighter ax. He charges towards limbless Caulfield, the last person to climb the ladder and the first to get his heart split in two. (Just prior to this scene, the music of Chumbawamba’s I get Knocked Down playing) Now trapped at the Kappa house, all continue to play the game and wait out the Red Devil like a thunderstorm cloud, passing.

The evening fun resume with some interesting secrets, like Chanel #5’s biological deformity, teeth in the vagina.(Use Oral -B) and the truth of Chanel# 3 bloodline. Somehow or another, the Red Devil strikes again killing remaining half twin Roger and forces Chanel O and Zayday pursue the Devil through secret tunnels Chanel O explains the history of past Kappa president's Red Devil wielding now two firefighter axes.pointed at their necks. Zayday alone and defenseless, with nowhere to escape, it looks like a Head n Shoulders treatment until, the hot and rich Chanel O knocks the Devil out and escape to safety.

The Red Devil is someone everyone at Kappa has always known and in their presence. Someone who has an ample supply of hardware tools, a hatred for Tau’s girls and who’s working with Gigi C. What about Gigi, who admitted having some psychiatric treatment in the past, make a strong murdering suspect. Also let's not forget Chad’s roommate, Boone, who faked his death, who I firmly believe is one of the Red Devil. Who do you think is the Red Devil? Keep watching, there’s more to come. Watch Scream Queens on Fox at 9 PM., Tuesday TV-14 rated.

That's my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for MoviePilot, I am Brian A. Madrid.


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