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For the majority of Americans, you cannot have Halloween without the classic halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. It didn't fare well at the box office, but it certainly has become a cult classic. However, there are some things that the Sanderson sisters definitely wouldn't have known about if they died in 1693. When you are dead, you definitely miss some things from civilization; but apparently not if you're a Sanderson. But what wouldn't they know about? Well... I have a list.

1.) Margarine

The Sanderson sisters constantly talked about cooking with margarine as a butter substitute. However, with the main substance (margaric acid) not becoming known until 1813 and margarine's invention as a butter substitute in 1869; there is no way the Sandersons knew what margarine was before they died.

2.) The Vacuum Cleaner

One of the iconic scenes from Hocus Pocus is when the sisters are trying to fly on brooms, but Sarah ends up finding a mop and Mary uses a vacuum. There could be an argument that they knew it was a cleaning device like a broom,Yet, the first manual vacuum cleaner wasn't invented until 1860. How did Mary know to use it? There are many things in a closet that could be used for cleaning.

3.) Driver's Permit

Remember that scene where Winifred Sanderson asks Max for his driver's permit? We know that Winifred doesn't know about buses, cars, or even blacktop roads. It's in the movie. However, she suddenly knows the standard procedure for pulling someone over? It must be witchcraft!

4.) I put a spell on you

Alright, we all know this scene. Bette Midler coming up onto the stage and singing a cover of Screamin Jay Hawkins' I put a spell on you. You could make the case that Winifred in the movie learned the lyrics as she listened to the performer of the other song. However, how do Sarah and Mary know the backup? Also, Winifred makes a Gypsy reference. If she did that knowing of the movie, that definitely came out after 1693, then that's also on the list.

Is there an explanation?

Not really. The writers most likely just added them as jokes, which Hocus Pocus definitely has a LOT of. This could also be me nitpicking at a cult classic, or a bunch of hocus pocus. These are just some fun facts for your halloween taking. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


Do you know any fun facts about Hocus Pocus?


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