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Having been a gamer for the majority of my life, the Tomb Raider series has been one of the franchises close to my heart. Angelina Jolie did an okay job in her performances but there's plenty that could've been done better.

After recently playing through the latest game in the franchise, the 2013 reboot (I know I'm very behind on video games, nobody hates it more than I do) I started to brainstorm about the possibility of a reboot in the film series as well. The story behind the latest game was actually my favorite so far. For those of you who haven't played through the game, here's a brief summary.

Lara is on a ship, searching for an island surrounded by myth and magic when they're caught in a freak storm, destroying their ship and forcing the survivors to take refuge on the island. Soon they discover that there are others on the island, involved in a cult dedicated to the mythical goddess that rules over the inhabitants. Lara must discover the truth behind the legend, and figure out a way for the remaining survivors to escape before the island inhabitants slaughter them all.

I figured that fan-casting the whole thing would just be way too lengthy, so here are my top three picks (in no particular order) for a rebooted Lara Croft.

1. Cynthia Addai-Robinson

I first saw Robinson in the Starz series, Spartacus, where she played the role of Naevia, Crixus' love interest, in the Vengeance and War of the Damned seasons. Most recently, she's portrayed Amanda Waller, the overlord of the Suicide Squad, in the CW series Arrow. Between both roles, Robinson has not only shown a penchant for action and fighting, but also being a very dominant female character. I feel greatly that she could not only accomplish the physical feats that this role would obviously involve, but could do it while ensuring that nobody doubted just how capable and independent of a woman she is.

2. Katrina Law

Another of my favorites from both Spartacus and Arrow, Law has also been a contender of mine for roles such as this. In the first, she plays Mira, the second love interest of Spartacus, in the Blood and Sand and Vengeance seasons. Most recently, in the latter, she's been portraying Nyssa Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul introduced in season two and recurring in the series since. She, like Robinson, has a lot of experience in fight scenes, being in one in just about every Arrow episode you see her in, but has also taken on plenty of leadership aspects in both roles. Though she doesn't fit the look of Lara Croft as well as Robinson, I feel that the emotional aspect she brings to her roles is greater.

3. Zoe Saldana

Needing next to no introduction, Saldana has an extremely impressive action-adventure roster in her belt. Ranging from Avatar (in limited aspects due to animation), and the Star Trek reboots, to Guardians of the Galaxy, Saldana has been in numerous fight scenes, emotional scenes, and leadership ones as well. I tried to stick away from the mainstream actresses as much as I can, but Saldana fits the role too well to pass up. She has the experience to adapt to the role, and the recognition in the mainstream world to gain easy popularity for the film.

What do you think? Who would you like to see in this role if a reboot ever came along? Are there any other video game film roles you'd like to see specific actors in? Share it all in the comments! The next time you'll see Lara Croft is in the next installment to the video game franchise, Rise of the Tomb Raider, being released for the Xbox systems on Nov. 10, and the Playstations later on next year!


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