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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

The Cave Of Skulls, Series One, Episode Two

So we start of with a view of the Tardis in a interesting land, it looks like sand or rock I'm not sure, okay I should be able to tell the difference but give me a break, the camera isn't that great, if a little fuzzy. I wonder which Doctor will get the clearer images? So I can actually see detail like in our modern screens.

Then it shows us a strange man standing there, so its defiantly not another planet then. He looked like a cave man and turns out he is a cave man, I think his names Carl? And we'll be introduced to another cave man soon called Zaan? Wait let me just research this, oh right, Kal and Za, interesting. Anyway I think its Kal that sees the Tardis and looks incredibly shocked but I don't blame him, if I was a caveman in that time I'd be shocked to if I saw a strange object come out of thin air that somehow resembles a tree? I'm sorry Kal but that does not look like a tree, like at all.

Soon we come to his tribe, another caveman with most of his tribe gathered around him, is rubbing a bone in his hand. Okaay...where is this going? Some sort of freaky ritual I bet the doctor and his companions shouldn't get involved in? That I know they probably will be? But one creepy old lady soon clears everything up "Where is the fire Za makes?" Oh okay his trying to make fire? Right that makes more sense, well it makes more sense why he is failing so badly. Mate rubbing bone like that is seriously not going to get you anywhere. Maybe the Doctor will be the one to help us poor creatures make fire? Because I think the tribe will all freeze to death before Za works out his rubbing the wrong things together, oh man that sounded much better in my head.

Za explains to us basically why he wants to make fire, that includes his father making fire before him and him wanting people to bow to him, well the older wiser but someone you shouldn't listern to because she seems crazy, women implies this and they have a nice little chat about it all. I actually rather liked Za when I first saw him, I just feel a little sorry for him, daddy issues I think and probably some stranger that they let into the tribe, could take over the tribe as a leader and be seen as a better leader than him. This is a pretty neat scene, it gives us everything we basically need to know about its tribe and the two men fighting to lead them and their rivalry which probably will become important later and it makes it clear these two cavemen will be the characters we will be focused on, along with the main characters.

Next after another shot of Kal staring at the Tardis stunnd, we go into the Taris, with the main characters. Barbra and Ian waking up after they have been knocked unconscious and in my review of the old Pilot, you know where I said Ian wouldn't recognize a Alien if it danced in front of him naked? Yeah, what I said about him was right as the man still can't accept it even when his standing in the different time on earth, yes you are in a different time Ian, we get that, there is only so many times you can question it without me wanting to hit you on the head. Though talking about his character there is something interesting to note, he seems to get these odd dizzy spells, its either shock or there might be something maybe medically wrong with him? It would defiantly be interesting for his character if that turns out to be the case.

I am aware this Doctor Who audience was more for children but I seriously didn't need Mr no nonsense Ian to spell out what was going on. I can tell from my own eyes thanks and any kids watching this at that time or any time in fact can tell as well.

Barbra, a character I don't really care about but she is much more likable than Ian, follows the Doctor and Susan out of the Tardis into the different time so the Doctor can get some samples to understand where they are. Interesting that the Tardis doesn't tell him what time they've landed in very well.

Ian, Barbra and Susan find a skull, it doesn't seem much but maybe its there to show us a possible creature around at the time of the cave men or an Alien we may meet later on? Or it could just be there to give us a sense of foreboding, which it does but so does Kal while he stares at the Doctor creepily from behind so maybe I didn't need the skull but what is pretty cool to note is what Susan said in this scene "It should have changed" Now this was referenced only once I can remember in the modern Doctor who at how the police box got stuck in one setting, so it couldn't adapt to its surroundings like it usually does and changes into something that's not as noticeable, which is very cool and great to see it actually happening. (Cough, Though it could also be for budget reasons, Cough) But it does give us a reasonable explanation to its iconic image and why it's like that in the first place because, you know, police box's may have a habit of sticking out like a sour thumb in different planets and different times.

But the miracle happens, Ian admitted he was wrong! And he finally believes his in a different time and the ship can travel back and forward in time and space. Thank you Ian, you suddenly have gotten of my idiotic characters list. But you are still on my boring men characters, no interesting personality characters and characters I just don't care about lists, I'm afraid. However you have been given points for the first character in Doctor who, to say "DOCTOR WHO" Yes! Keep repeating that and you will no longer be my least favorite character in the two episodes I have known you, and yes I know I'm biased and that isn't fair but I don't really care.

Ian wishes to know the Doctors name, don't we all Ian, don't we all. (You gave me hope The Name Of The Doctor, then you crushed it, how dare you. Locks that episode away in the darkest part of my mind, along with Blink, you need to stop giving me nightmares, I'm sorry you were great but you freaked me out, way to much) Though Ian does note something interesting, the sand they are standing on is cold? Wonder what that means?

Susan also has a feeling of being watched. Yeah that's Kal back there, being a creeper Susan. Like some other people I know Cough, Ian, Cough, Barbra. Anyway the Doctor start to smoke with one of those old pipes, ha, you'll never catch him smoking in the modern Doctor Who, though I suppose smoking wasn't considered that bad compared to now and women were considered people who scream a lot and worry, not bad asses. Yes I have taken a turn for the worst, I'm sorry Susan, what have they done to you? Where has that oddness gone? Its been replaced by a ordinary teenage girl who screams...a lot. I'm very sad. And all Barbra has done is worry.

Though talking about the Doctor smoking, wasn't he meant to be searching for plants and things to look to understand what time they're in? Not smoke? And because of that you have now been captured by a Caveman, who basically wants your matches, well done.

The Doctor's companions realize he is missing, with Susan bursting into hysterics, which I have a horrible feeling she will do this often. They decide to go of to find him. A good shot of some cavemen children playing, before it moves on to show us the creepy old women from before. If she turns out to be a witch I seriously won't be surprised. The main cave man Za, is eating while he is talking to another caveman about Kal, the stranger in his tribe that people want to become leader. They talk about some kind of orb? I'm only guessing but I think they might be talking about the sun, but I like the different name for it if they are talking about the sun. Its good that they've changed the way they speak. The only show I have ever watched with a lot of cavemen in it is their two dumb or they suddenly know modern english and can speak it fluently...why not?

Za's words "I will have to spill some blood and make them bow to me" Okay maybe I'm not liking your character that much anymore. This sentence alone casts a darker light on Za's character, making me want to move back. Okay Kal you win, despite you being a creeper I think I prefer to have him as leader than Za, who is creeping me out more than you and the Doctor did in the old Pilot and that's saying something. There is then a commotion that I know means the Doctor is here.

Kal brings the unconscious Doctor into the tribe and the first thing that I have to say about this scene is- The Doctor has stripey trousers on! I'm sorry but I have a perfectly good view of his backside and I honestly did not realize he had stripey trousers on, when did this happen? Did I just not notice? Did I black out? It honestly looks like his wearing trouser pajamas. I'm sorry Doctor I will not be able to take you seriously ever again, well okay that's a exaggeration and I know a Doctor who wore wackier things (Looks at Matt Smith's Doctor, hilarious but no Doctor, your bow tie and fez was not cool and also River Song had the right attitude towards the fez) Sorry, sorry he just seems such a serious doctor and hey look pajama trousers! Or am I just being really rude and they were in the fashion then? Eek sorry...

While the Doctor is busy being unconscious Kal and Za have a talk, well argument. Kal believing the doctor can shoot fire from his hands, that was a matches, not his hands Kal and believing they came out of a tree. I'm sorry but how, how does the Tardis look like a tree? It doesn't even look like a deformed tree! A deformed tree, painted blue, with a sign and people coming from inside it, also appearing out of thin air, right, you're the master of deduction Kal. I think even Sherlock would feel sorry for you.

A women caveman wants the Doctor to show them fire, to prove he can do it, the same women I'm fairly sure Za wants to marry but only the leader gets her. She uses the words "Will my father listern to a women?" Then after she says her idea she is shoved back into the crowd, hello women representation, goodbye, oh there are three other women in this? You mean the worrying mother, the emotional teen and the creepy women? Right, great, thumbs up...

The Doctor finally waking up, trying to make sure the cavemen don't kill him, he tells them he can make fire for them. The only thing is that he left his matches where Kal kidnapped him, oh no. If you hadn't been using them to smoke you wouldn't be in this mess Doctor, lesson here kids, smoking is bad for you! It'll get you kidnapped by cavemen.

Za starts to convince everyone to make him the leader and turn on Kal, even though minutes ago he was trying to get fire from the Doctor as well. This is where I feel sympathy for Kal, his clearly desperate as he grabs the Doctor and practically begs for him to make fire. Then as he gets so desperate he threatens to kill the Doctor, sympathy gone. Then the Doctor's companions come to his rescue, well not really but they try. And its a good effort but they fail and I am glad they fail because I honestly couldn't take more of Susan's screaming grandfather! Or screaming in general. Someone gag her please...

They get caught but the Doctors humanity shines through as he saves Ian from being killed by basically telling them he can give them fire when we know he can't. They decide to kill them if they can not produce fire when Orb come out, assuming that's the sun and Zu says "Take Them To The Cave Of Skulls" Yes! I was wondering when that would come up! They are taken away, along with Susan's screaming (Thank God) And Zu then proceeds to have a lovers tiff with the caveman women's father. I'm curious to see if this is just for his character or the fact he wants her and her father is unsure about it comes into the plot somehow, other than just there for him wanting to be leader like his father info, who before his death was able to create fire.

The creepy caveman lady wants them to kill the Doctor and his companions but is rebuked to let "Orb" decide, thankfully. I seriously do not like you creepy lady and hope you are a alien in disguise so the Doctor can put a stop to you.

Our main characters are put into a cave, a cave littered with skulls, after a sweet moment with Ian and Barbra that makes me believe they may become a romance in the future the Doctor actually apologizes to them and defiantly looks different than the smug old man I saw in the beginning and makes him feel remarkable more human, which I enjoy. So much for the Oncoming storm, or hasn't he got that cool nickname yet? He feels in a way so young.

Then he decides to point out something, it shows you a bunch of skulls at first I was like yes, this is the cave of skulls, whats so special about them?

"They're all the same, they've been split open" Oh thank you for that Ian, and on that note, this episode has come to a end.

Doctor Who: Scrap what I said about him in my first review of the old pilot. He doesn't know what his doing and he seems to get nervous as well when in dangerous situations, not putting on a brave front like all the others do and I strangely like that about this Doctor. His showing more emotion but there is still something mysterious about him and feel the need to do exactly as he says. Despite being not as calm as I thought he would be in a dangerous situation he is a hell of a lot calmer than his companions and this shows easily. Despite his surprising difference I still found myself caring a lot about his character and wanting nothing bad to happen to him, though it clearly is.

Susan Foreman: I'm so sorry Susan but you have been demoted. Just why? Why the screaming? My ears can't take it. You went from cool alien girl to emotional screaming brat I wanted to leave to the cavemen whenever you got into hysterics.

Ian Chesterton: This episode made me care about his character a little bit more. Though still wasn't as interested as I should be. But mostly I liked how he said things we all were thinking, or it felt like foreshadowing and noticed certain things the other characters different. For example the odd cold sand and the skulls, and him saying Doctor Who, yes! I am honestly so pleased about that line.

Barbara Wright: Who I have just realized I've been spelling her name wrong, so sorry. Still care for her more than Ian. As I think I would at least feel something if she died, Ian, not so much, sorry mate, good try, almost there but no. But she really didn't do much this episode so I don't really have anything to judge her on, however I have to say her and Ian work together well.

Favorite Character- Doctor Who.

Favorite Scene- Ian saying "Doctor Who"

Until next time where I will be reviewing the next episode in the first series, The Forest Of Fear. Goodbye xxxxxx


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