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Director: Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is the brain behind Shaun of the Dead, a comedic take on an otherwise over saturated zombie genre. Since he as ties with Simon Pegg he may have special insight into this Star Trek universe. He has a mind made for comedy and could do great things with a Star Trek Parody.

Writers: Adam McKay and Seth Macfarlane

Could you imagine these two working together? Can you say funniest movie of all time? Adam McKay is the genius behind Ricky Bobby and Macfarlane is the genius behind Family Guy (as well as a devoted Star Trek fan). These two writers would provide us with one of the best written parodies of all time.

Time to cast the main three characters!

James Tiberius Kirk- Will Ferrell:

If Adam McKay is writing it's practically a guarantee this guy is starring in it. But, that works perfectly here, he is great at comically powerful people and this is just another great casting choice with Will Ferrell's name involved.

Spock- Stephen Merchant:

Having previously worked with Edgar Wright, Stephen Merchant gives us some director-actor chemistry which leads to better films. Stephen is an incredibly gifted comedian and has surprise roles in movies where you wouldn't expect to see him all the time . You may also have heard him in Portal 2 as no other than the lovable buddy robot, Wheatley! That's right, he was Wheatley and his comedic timing is absolutely perfect. He could knock a ridiculous Spock out the park.

Nyota Uhura- Tina Fey:

This chick is pure humor. Being the first ever female writer for SNL she's also a pretty big deal. She would be absolutely terrific as Uhura!


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