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I walked down the street reading a book while the world was blocked out from me and my surroundings were all a blur. I walked past the most creepiest street by my house it was 46th street ave i hated walking past it after school but i couldent drive too young im only 14 but i could fight so i was ready for anything or so i thought. As i walked threw the street i saw a house with a man in the window i had bult not seeing what he was gonna do I ran all the way home and whent inside as i took deep deep breaths as i whent in the bathroom grabing my inhaler. My mom stopped me after i took 3 puffs of my inhaler and asked whats wrong hun youre ashtma its bad to run. Sorry mom its nothing im just in a rush to call jenny. Jenny was a good friend of mine so i would call her almost everyday so my mom belived me. I never called her i was to scared so i kinda just had dinner and told my mom she was busy i didnt wanna tell my mom about that man. I whent to bed that night as i was scared to move i didnt want that man to be in my window so i closed my eyes as i slowley drifted off into a deep sleep. I woke up around 3 in the morning scared to see a text saying Hi friend. I threw my phone across the room and heard huming it was the toon of the song ring around the rosie as in the dark corner of my room that man was there with no face and was talking though yelling at me saying you must die you must die. I cried and cried as the man got closer and my mom walked in as in my mind he was stabbing me in the stomach so in reality i was in tears yelling in pain holding my stomache as my mom shut the door and it all stopped as the man disappeared and my mom was just holding me close saying well get help well get help



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