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That sound you heard towards the end of last week's rollercoaster ride through hell episode of The Walking Dead (S6 EP2, JSS) was the sound of my heart breaking along with Aaron's at his realization that his lost pics of the ASZ brought the Wolves, and death, right to his front door. But, chin up, my beautiful Aaron... I think there's guilt to be shared, mostly by Morgan. Don't get me wrong, I love the new Zen Morgan with his lesson teaching stick of whoop ass, and I am happy that the Morgan of "Clear" is just a crazy memory, but is he just a little too chill? Is all life in the ZA world truly "precious"?

We saw Morgan in the season 5 finale quickly dispatching the Wolves who were after his oatmeal, but he consciously chose to spare their lives. (As an aside, I really hope there is a deleted scene that shows them waking up, groggy, in the compromising position Morgan left them in with Movie Buff Wolf joking about it being just like The Hangover and Stabby Joe Wolf telling him to STFU and get off him.) Seemingly, Morgan made a bad decision that literally came back to smack him in the face, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Surely Morgan recognized the "W's" on the attackers' foreheads the moment he encountered the very first one in the ASZ. He knew they were there to kill and take "everything you have" because that's what they do, but he continued to chastise Carol for killing every Wolf in sight and repeatedly tried to stop her. (Yeah, like that's going to work - Carol's the Terminator in an ugly sweater.) He stopped to save Gabriel instead of continuing to Olivia's Gun Library as "Aphid's captive", which ultimately would have saved a lot more people than just Gabriel. (sorry, Father; hard truth) Additionally, and shockingly, not only did he chase a group of Wolves off with a beatdown, a lecture and a stern warning, (that's going to come back to haunt him) but for a second time, he let Movie Buff Wolf live too! (Come on, now - you didn't really think he killed him. We all know he tied him up and locked him in the ASZ Newcomer Screening Area.) It will be interesting to see the "Morgan and the Cheese Maker" flashback episode in order to find out what he is thinking and why he would spare the lives of Manson Family-like killers. Even if he didn't have some close calls with a Governor type or Bob-B-Qing cannibal types in his time apart from Rick, certainly he knows if someone is actively trying to kill you, you have to try to kill them right back. That's not only self-preservation, it's common sense.

Aaron and Morgan see Rick's gone full Shane.
Aaron and Morgan see Rick's gone full Shane.

In the same vein, but different mindset, we have Aaron. We can pretty much surmise that Aaron does not want to kill anyone unless he absolutely has to. He firmly believes there are good people out there because he's looking for them with his biceps to spare recruiter trainee, Daryl. (whew.... I need a moment) He also is not blind to the fact that there are bad people out there as well. However, so focused were Aaron and Daryl on "red shirt" (Star Trek reference!) Poncho Guy and obtaining supplies, I think they forgot that for a minute. Aaron dropped his bag with the pictures in it trying to save Daryl's life and his own life. There was no way to go back and retrieve it, once Morgan saved them, without becoming a walker buffet. He had no way of knowing the Wolves would find it and head for the ASZ. How could he? I don't feel that can be called a mistake or even an accident, but rather the tragic result of an unforeseeable chain of events.

RIP Poncho Man!
RIP Poncho Man!

You always hear the expression "two wrongs don't make a right", however, can two rights make a wrong? I think in this instance.... yes. In their own way, Morgan and Aaron are both trying to do the right thing: save lives. Morgan by refusing to kill people, even bad people who really need to be killed a bit and Aaron by taking (hopefully) good people back to the ASZ with him. Both very admirable goals, unfortunately, with mixed, sometimes devastating results. That being said, if Morgan would have killed the first Wolves he encountered, they would not have been alive to find Aaron's backpack. Dude. If someone approaches you and they have carved a "W" into their own forehead, the assumption has to be they are a few cards short of a full deck. When they expect you to "Just be still." so their friend can hop out, stab you and turn you into a lieutenant in their walker army.... YOU KILL THEM! Without question. Without remorse. You put a W on your head, a handkerchief over your face and as Carol told Olivia, " squeeze and you don't stop until they're on the ground." And then you change your mantra to "Some life is precious."


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