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... well written with sufficient evidence to back it up without needing to make wild accusations. Then there are the wacky ones which have some evidence but mainly come to wild conclusions such as "he was in a coma" or something like that. Then there are the bad ones with little but usually no evidence to back it up and come up with wild conclusions that don't even work. Then, they're is your fan theory. What you have written shouldn't even be called a thesis, the majority of your evidence relies on wild conclusions and accusations, already debunked theories, small Easter eggs that clearly point to other characters and a plot twist that worked for other films that clearly wouldn't work in BvS?! I am actually infuriated with myself for reading this utter piece of trash. What you have written is that of some crackpot conspirator who thinks Barack Obama is a lizard man or you've done some very hard and crazy hallucinogenic drugs while watching Batman movies. Or, here's my theory, maybe you're just a prick with little and outdated knowledge of anything going on with Batman v Superman and you're one of those desperate fans that want Christian Bale back so bad that you decided to make this garbage or "thesis" as you call it to fill your own damn needs. Seriously, this entire article is an atrocity and is a waste of every single person's time who read this. You're "evidence" is just jumping to the most far fetched, craziest conclusions all in the name of having Christian Bale come back, you're whole spiel about Joseph Gordon Levitt's Robin in TDKR is utter shite. Seriously, oh wait a second Margot Robbie is playing Harley Quinn but wait, is she really????? Oh my god, her name as OBB and you know who else has OBB in their name???? That's right, fucking Dobby from that Harry Potter films! See rOBBie and dOBBy??? Guys, guys, Margot Robbie to play Dobby in Suicide Squad!!!!! Harry Potter Universe Confirmed for DCEU!!!!! Could Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them feature Margot Robbie's Dobby?????? Seriously, that above right there is what you sound like, some fucking idiot who is grasping at fucking straws. Finding any solid evidence in this garbage is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Guess what, the plot twist to that analogy is that there was no needle in the first place! In other words, you have no evidence! Also, your so called plot to what happens in the film and how it ties into the Nolanverse is the biggest load of bullshit I've seen since my trip to the zoo last Christmas and I saw an elephant take a shit! That is not the plot of film, your thesis isn't some incredible and in-genius plot twist like Stars Wars as you've so written in your title to boost your own ego with how good your "thesis" apparently is! You know what, your "plot" for the film really is? It's plot destruction, absolute desolation and destruction of the entire DCEU before it even begins and it just wouldn't work on so many levels that I can't even list them all on here! So, please if you're going to post this fucking piece of garbage anywhere, why don't you head on over to Reddit and place it in /r/shittyfantheories! Actually you know what, don't even put it there because some of those theories are better then what you've written! Do us all a favour and just delete it off the internet entirely!

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