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For a long while now, I've been viewing comic books with a passion. But throughout comic books, women characters are always under the same stereotypes. Always interpreted as sexual icons, more than heroes. Is this the world that we live in. Just sit back and open your mind women and men readers.

We always use a women as only a sexual icon for more fame and appreciation. Always not using their full potential for only sex and posing.

Can you stop gazing at the boobs and look deeper in it's meaning. I'm talking about America and society itself and it's views of women as only sexual icons more than actual superheroes. The only thing we men have been doing as comic book readers towards women is think of their body as a more symbol than anything else. It that all our small minds can think of?

Society always views the average comic book heroine to have certain certificates:


We always expect to have our favorite heroines to have the most biggest boobs around- to look like models, like they are the most sexiest women around. Really? Is that all you have to give in a woman comic books?


Are you done gazing at her butt now? This is just what I mean. We as men only interpret the female character as nothing more than a sexual icon, as nothing more than a chick with nice boobs and a nice bottom. Why can't we just see them as something more than a sex icon but as a real character. Are they afraid of their potential as real icons, or are they afraid of their failure? Look at the male characters!:


Batman and Superman are some of the most highly respected characters in comic book history. They wear the most respectable of attire, though women character are only uses as playboy covers...

Does Women character have to have the most appealing and preposterous costumes! Costumes that don't even make sense of , and are absolutely ridiculous!

Jason was kind of right
Jason was kind of right

Is the only way for women to have the rightful satisfaction is to dress like strippers? Or something else...

We as men sometimes think of women as nothing more than pawns, toys to pleasure ourselves with. Using porn, nude pics and photos to satisfy our needs and desires instead of seeing women as more than that. They are suppose to be this....

Not this...

Not this where we fap too. Get a grip and if you have make your fellow men have one instead of being drooling apes. We as humans create a society with false interpretations of genders, and races, when we can do so much more. We need a world more full of better heroine icons. We already have but not enough.

And the comic book justifications as to why it occurs make me explode!!

im tearing not really
im tearing not really

The more you know


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