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Ah “Doctor Who”. What a wild and wacky ride is been for this show. What started out as just some weird out dated reboot of an old, irrelevant BBC kids show, that looked like it’d been thrown together in a weekend, quickly morphed into something that all ages can enjoy. Once it managed to find its feat, “Doctor Who” went off running, taking all its fans with it on one crazy ride through all of time and space, and reminded us of why, all those years ago, the show managed to develop and maintain such longevity. Now, here we are, 10 years since Christopher Eccleston graced the small screens as our sassy Northern Time Lord to only then be immediately replaced the same year by the sexiest, coolest time lord ever, and the show is finally beginning to reveal to us all just why it was cancelled back in 1989.

Doctor Who has now become a bad show, like really bad too, and we as fans can’t just sit around ignoring this anymore, because it isn’t healthy for anyone to pretend that everything is ok still. We can’t just keep thriving off our nostalgia for the Doctor and how amazing he is. We need more than that and we’re not getting it anymore people. This show use to be filled with complex characters and interesting plots and stories that gave us oh so many feels. Now everything seems flat and boring, like we’re just retreading the same waters over and over again, and we’re not getting anywhere or moving even the slightest bit forward, and a big part of this is the characters we have with us. If you can even call them that, since no one in this show no longer actually has any character or personality. They’ve all become defined by one particular trait or emotion and can never be anything more than that.

Vastra and Jenny are two characters who feel the need to bring up the fact that they are married ever 5 fucking minutes. We know, we get it, it’s great, good for you, now how about you try not defining yourselves by your relationships? because I’m sorry to break this to you but being gay is not a personality. Sure it can be part of your personality, but there are other thing that make that up too. You’re a Victorian maid and an ancient lizard creature from earths core with an alien butler who go around fighting crime and solving mysteries, how about we try talking about that instead of unnecessarily fetishising you’re relationship?

And it’s not just the side characters that are like this. Clara Oswald is one of the worst companions the show has ever had. I don’t care how hot or how great Jenna Colman is, Clara Oswald is completely uninteresting and useless. When she first showed up she was at least a little interesting because she was “the impossible girl”. We didn’t know where she came from or why she kept turning up. Then it just turned out she just jumped into the doctors timeline and saved him from death or some shit, and that’s it. That’s why she is here, to do that. Her entire being revolved around her accomplishing this, and as soon as she did the reason for existing was gone, and now she has nothing. That’s it, all done. She has no purpose anymore, nothing to do in the show. She’s basically a glorified plot devices. She doesn’t do anything in any of the new episodes. She’s completely interchangeable. You could seriously of put any one else in her role and it would of been the same. Even when she’s in mortal danger surrounded by murderous robots who want to steal her organs she’s just like “this is fine, the doctor will save me”. Just because she was right, doesn’t make this ok!

The companions are so important to the show. Every big moment in the Doctors life that resulted in him undergoing a big character change, happened because of the companions around him. Rose helped 9 to realise that he’s turned into the thing he hated most and because of this he learnt that the most aggressive option isn’t alway the best. That’s important development that carried on throughout the whole series. Now when there’s an interesting moment that looks like it might result in some kind of character development, the very next episode its forgotten about.

Which brings me to another big problem, the show has now become so allergic to continuity that they aren’t just forgetting things in-between season, now they’re forgetting things in between episodes. It’s like no one on this show actually collaborated or even tried to make things link even slightly. They just picked a bunch of scripts out of a bucket somewhere, changed the names and said “yep! this’ll do!”. Important things that are bought up in one episode are completely forgotten about the next episode, and by doing this they’re robing the characters, especially the doctor, of a chance to grow, and allowing us to become attached to them. Which I can only assume they’re doing ‘cause, we’ve stuck around this long so surely we’ve become attached enough and now they can stop being interesting. Well hey guess what, that’s not how this works. If the characters don’t develop, they become boring and uninteresting. If the characters aren’t interesting and are boring and un-relatable then theres no reason to care about them. If I don’t care about them, then I don’t care about your show, and by pretending that things that happened in others episodes didn’t happen, and that previously established rules don’t apply anymore, then there’s nothing for me to grab onto in this show, and theres no need to continue watching!

They’re clearly getting desperate for ideas now, since the episode “Into the Dalek” was essentially just a retread of the episode “Dalek” from season 1. They even stole the line about being a good Dalek. Didn’t think I would notice did you? well you know what? I did! And also apparently now they can just take any fictional character and pretend that they were real. Shoe horning in Robin Hood like that was terrible, and trying to pawn it off as just a bit of lost history is bullshit! He wasn’t real! Everyone knows this, and a fucking teacher would definitely know that!

I haven't even gotten to why the Master being a woman now was so terrible. And no, before all the feminist jump down my throat, it has nothing to do with him being a her now. I’m fine with that, I’m on your side. What I’m not fine with is the way this lead to the character being treated, which was a huge step backwards, when this should of been a big step forwards! and quite clearly the change was only made so that they could take all the gay jokes about the master a step further without making the doctor kiss a man. Because God forbid our hero show any sign of homosexuality or femininity, right? The Master was a fantastic Villain. He was an ego maniac with a superiority complex that desperately what to take over the universe and prove to everyone he was the greets being ever, but the only way to do that was to destroy the doctor. His obsession with The Doctor was one of many layers and it was interesting and compelling to watch. Whereas now, Mistress’s motivation is because she “love’s” her “boyfriend” so much and wants to prove it too him by doing crazy things that make no sense. She had an absolutely brilliant and unbeatable plan and she gave it all up just to make the man she loves happy. The Master has gone from being a criminal mastermind and the Doctor’s answer to Moriarty, to just some crazy stalker ex-girlfriend. That’s super diminishing to character, and to make it even worse nows he’s (sorry she’s) just another poster child for why female sexuality is dangerous and evil, and why with out men in their lives controlling them women will destroy us all. It’s maddening to watch. Oh and also, this is a visual medium so how about instead of just having Master, sorry, Mistress tell us every 5 minutes about how crazy and evil she is you just show us how crazy and evil she is. The thing about most crazy people is they don’t know they’re crazy, so having her running around yelling “I’m so banana’s!” is pointless, annoying, and juts bad writing.

That is what’s truly disturbing about this. Is how quickly the writing has gotten more noticeably bad in recent times. I mean, I think people have to admit that Moffat wrote some good shit back in the day. But the thing is, everyone still seems to think that everything going on in doctor who is fine. We’ve gotten so comfortable with the show and ignoring its plot holes that we’ve become too comfortable, and we’ve allowed the writers to get lazy and it’s not ok anymore. I’m sorry doctor who but you’re show just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Your time is up, and you need to move on just as the rest of us do.


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