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"Look at the way he looks in this frame and the way the fabric bunches & the cape hangs off his shoulder!" You know what else Affleck's Batman looks a lot like? The one that was in Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, and Batman & Robin All Star! And using action figures as further proof of this total butthurt-over-Affleck stoner theory? The one on the left that you claim was Christian Bale? That's a custom action figure you jackass! Made by a fan, not an officially licensed WB product. I can't even touch the rest, it's the most redundant conspiracy theory based on a series of disparate coincidences that I've ever seen. All these "The Joker's not really the Joker" and now "Batman's not really Bruce" "rumors" are nothing more than disgruntled fanboys desperately grasping for whatever straws they can that will allow them to believe the Joker & Batman aren't themselves because they don't like how they're being portrayed. Well, go cry a river, because that IS your Bruce Wayne/Batman & Joker for the DC cinematic u. Not Deathstroke, not Jason Todd, not Batmite, not Mr Mxyzptlk, Batzarro, Lobo, or anyone else for that matter. Deal with it.

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