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Vanguard Princess is an interesting game to say the least. The minute you step up to the plate, you are immediately drawn into this world of animation. The color and visual style makes this game attractive to the eye with much attention to detail given to the background. The story is rather vague, as is with most fighting games. Here is the full overview description of the game:

"Government experiments on a young girl triggered a cosmic shock wave that gifted many young girls with mystical powers. She re-emerges into the world and vows to destroy all of mankind in an act of revenge. A brave group of girls who embraced their powers head to the battlefield to confront her; not just for the sake of the world, but to pursue their own personal motives and dreams."

The basic plotline of the narrative focuses on a girl named Hilda that the government accidentally created into a super-weapon... and now she wants to exterminate the world. The resulting experiment also unleashes a group of girls with special powers of their own to use for their advantage. There's a total of ten playable characters to start with; each with their own unique abilities. What's fascinating here, is how they are able to use their powers to take down their adversary.

Each one of the girls has their own bio, giving you some background information to muse over, showing you each of their respective motives. Here are a few of the characters you will find in the game:

Haruka Kutuna

Haruka Kutuna's bio states that:

"She was taught growing up the path of the sword, yet recently took a strong interest in magic. Shortly after this she was abducted into a government research facility and given high magical attributes. Haruka enters the fight to save an old friend of hers."

Here we learn that Haruka used to handle a sword but has now been forced to take up the art of magic and utilizes it to her advantage.

Luna Himeki

Her bio reads as:

"Luna is a former member of the Special Forces "Blade Noa". Currently, she is a renowned bounty hunter in the underground community. After obtaining information about a large bounty, she heads to the battlefield ..."

This girl is lighting-quick and features her dual pistols as major threat. She can block attacks with ease and agility, countering moves very well.

Natalia Glinka

Here's her full bio:

"Natalia Glinka is an intelligence officer and soldier from an unknown country. She is very religious, obeys orders to the letter, and is always calm and level-headed. Natalia enters the fight to gather information on numerous disappearances caused by a new weapon."

Natalia is perhaps my favorite playable character in the game. She is one of the fastest characters and has some very awesome moves. Natalia is very skilled at close-range combat and is able to grab her opponents with ease. Not only is she skilled up-close and personal, but she also has decent long-range capabilities.

All of the playable characters have amazing characteristics—especially these three, however, I found that the combos were rather tough to complete. Each character has several different combination attacks that you can find online, but the game also gives you some of the most essential combos at the character select screen (see below).

You also get a secondary character that assists you in battle. While extremely useful, the secondary character appears more as a detriment due to the game feeling overly crowded. In most of the stages, you will notice other people in the background watching you fight. Then directly behind you, you see your secondary character helping you along the way. Your opponent will also have their sidekick character behind them, which makes the screen look way too crowded and annoying at times. At times, you can't even tell which character is yours while battling.

Overall, the game is fun to play. The sound effects are on point with every attack you throw at your adversary. The background is colorful with no two stages looking alike. You also have three game modes to choose from: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Vanguards Princess' pacing of the game is also very well utilized. The moves are quick and will keep you on your toes. The only disappointment I found in the game is a lack of items. I guess I'm just too hungover on the Super Smash Bros. franchise that I've been asking for.

Check out the gameplay below!

Game rating: 8/10



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