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Luis Rodriguez

Paranormal Activity is the series that really made an impact for horror in revitalizing the found footage sub genre. I was one of the people on the hype train after i watched the first one and was genuinely excited for the series. In the years that came however something horrible happened with the started to feel washed out. Its not uncommon for this to happen with movie franchises as was the case for Saw and we all saw how that went down. Paranormal Activity clearly now became the movie that never should have been a franchise and should have just stayed as a single movie. It's now been seven years since the first one and six movies later and were here in what is perhaps the lowest point for the franchise but its marketed as the last one. Is it truly the last one though? I will answer that in my next video on my YouTube channel so make sure to subscribe but check out my review on the newest one Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension!

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