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If it went unnoticed during production of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), the trend is official now. Marvel's third phase of filmmaking will be marked as the era of team-up. Marvel's interconnected cinematic universe is one of the company's greatest accomplishments, but was also becoming its Achilles heel. After The Avengers, the question on many viewer's minds in subsequent solo films is: "Why don't (insert Avenger's name here) call on (insert Avenger's name here) for help?" Instead of writing around the issue, it seems that they will be tackling it head on by teaming up heroes in Phase 3.

As was reported, the Hulk will be joining Thor in his next movie, [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858). The decision was a huge surprise, but makes sense on further reflection. They are both the two strongest and most physically impenetrable heroes in the MCU—aside from the newly assembled android, Vision. Which is evidenced by their absence from the political action we can expect to see next summer in Captain America: Civil War.

Mark Ruffalo seems very enthusiastic about the future possibilities for Bruce Banner and his green alter-ego, the Hulk. The actor recently opened up to the Huffington Post about his involvement in Thor: Ragnarok and shared a little about how he would like to see the role evolve in the future:

"I play Dr. Bruce Banner, and occasionally I turn into a big green, mean monster...I am excited to keep coming back to this role. I see a lot of space for it to grow. I feel like there’s a lot of cool stuff to explore still, especially the relationship between Banner and Hulk. Hopefully, we’ll see the two of them in a scene together. That would be cool!"

It's important to keep in mind that Ruffalo isn't a writer or producer on the film. So just because he wants a scene with Banner and the Hulk facing off, doesn't mean it will necessarily happen. However, with that said, it would be foolish to squander an actor as talented as Ruffalo, especially if he wants to stretch his thespian muscles. He spends his free time acting in indie films and getting award nominations, so he certainly has the range to do a lot more than his limited screen time The Avengers films has afforded him.

What's also undisputable is Ruffalo's continued, if not growing, passion for the Hulk. He was mentored by motion-capture pioneer Andy Serkis on and off the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron last year. And from all accounts, the experience was an eye-opener; increasing his fascination and desire to be at the forefront of the maturing motion-capture industry.

Since Ruffalo is so eager to dig into the psychology of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, there's a great director that immediately comes to mind to direct a movie JUST like that. Ang Lee on line one, please. All jokes aside, the fact that he's envisioning different emotional places that he can take the Hulk in his spare time, will only benefit his performance and everyone watching it. There is precedent in the comics for Banner and Hulk physically separating from each other, however, doing so feels like the end of Banner's journey, not a plot point in another character's movie. But Marvel is making a habit out of surprising its audience these days, so you never know...

Thor: Ragnarok will open in theaters November 3rd, 2017

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