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Something Burrowed is a movie some of you might be familiar with, originally a novel and now it's a moving picture film. It's about two friends that go way back and do everything together Darcy and Rachel, all chaos breaks loose when the wedding of Darcy closes in as mutual, buried feelings spark back to life between Rachel and Darcy's fiancé Dexter. What seems like an interesting story proves that it is worth a watch. It received mixed reactions about how good it was or how good it should've been.

I've read an article about this movie saying that this movie had only selfish people that only cared about themselves, and it's hard to believe that they were friends. Well, first of all, isn't this how life is? Some people choose for the right moment in life and other people don't,they move in and take stuff that they know they shouldn't been taking. Life has selfishness and greed in it, I'd be surprised if you haven't seen both sides of it. So, to me, I think the movie is a bit realistic. And for instance, Rachel felt awful after Darcy found out but can you blame her? All the weight of what's really going on crashed on her, but let's picture the other side of it. Darcy is an evil, manipulating and very self centered girl. You can see how she treats other character, her friend Rachel too, she has cold moments that she shows them towards her, okay? She only wants Rachel whenever she needs her not the other way around. Despite that, she loves Rachel, but maybe doesn't really know what she's taking for granted here. Not to mention fucking someone while she was engaged? Who does that? Ill tell you, someone who puts their own needs in front of the real situation. I mean, if you had a friend like Darcy, what would you do?

Another thing, Dexter made a mistake by going on with Rachel in secret, don't tell me this didn't happen before, it happens. This is one of the things that just happen, you can have full control of it or no control at all during it. Now, he should've stepped up about this sooner. But you know what they say, better late than never. They were wrong, but in the end they stuck together, and they also did during the other book, Something Blue. Which I'm dying for it to come out. Now, at the end of the movie, they smile at each other and you could see each character has love for the other, they're both delighted each one is happy with her life. Now this thing I want you to be focus at is at the end of the movie, Darcy flies to London to see Ethan. Now let's put it like this, everyone around her abandoned her, she's left alone, right? For what reason? Cause' her attitude is just not something people would wanna be around, she probably got bored of Marcus and wants a familiar face around her to remind her of the best days of her life, her childhood. And who's left for that? Tada! It's Ethan! So she's walking to Ethan, he most definitely avoids her but she follows him. Cause' Darcy is determined to do what she wants. Anyways, I really loved the movie, I think it was a very good movie and I'm sure others might disagree. But hey, that's just how the world works, yeah?


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