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Okay so might sound a little weird what I just said but the layouts of characters is copying batman.I myself am very up to date on Arrow and the Flash but this has been bothering me from the end of the first season.Here is my proof that Team Arrow is copying The Bat Family.

Green Arrow is Batman

Both leaders,have dark past that comes back the haunt them,Both have fault Ras and lived,When fighting they use a blank face and a fear factor in chasing robbers,Made a first bad impression on the polices commissioner

Felicity is orcale

So they both have high levels of intelligence in computer hacking and other computer use,they both like to stay in doors,both fall in love with heros,both are socially awkward.

Diggie is Red Hood

Diggie use a black mask covering he's faces with a black jacket and cargo bottoms.Which is the same costume layout as Red Hood but he use the colour red instead of black,Both hate the leader of there crime fighting (batman,Green arrow).Also both are very highly skilled with guns.

Arsenal is Nightwing

Both left town to do there own thing,Both had no parents,both use acrobatics a lot,First sidekick to the leader,this is the easiest one to get cause they are just a copy of each other

Speedy is Robin (Tim Drake)

New to the crime fighting ,came in bad times as speedy came in when The Arrow died and robin came in when Jason Todd was killed by the joker,Both young,and both leaders of the crime fighting don't like sending them out to fight.

Loral is Catwoman

Both had relationships with the leaders,both have a liking for black and both are made out as sexy characters.

Lances is gordon

both high up in the police,Hated the fact that vigilantes were helping at the start,do anything to protect there daughters,Also are both in there late 40's.

Do you agree with me?this is kinda annoyed me a bit that they did this but its still a good show.Theres more but these are the main ones.Thanks for reading.


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