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Dark Shadows, a mix of a soap opera meets supernatural and time travel. Based on the soap opera with some of the original cast, the worlds of Dark Shadows is highly a fantastic world. My eyes were opened at Big Finish Day 7 where I was convinced to dive into this world of Collinsport, given my knowledge of the audios was limited and my first taste was the Johnny Depp movie but it turned out i wasn't the first one to be intrigued into Big Finish's Dark Shadows as I am not the first to become a fan after watching the film.

I had purchased The Creeping Fog and The Happier Dead with well some persuasion from the writer Rob Morris, Matthew Waterhouse, Robert Dick and Stephanie Ellyne and how could I say no, as I knew so little about this range. Originally I was coming in just to see Matthew Waterhouse again but the convincing powers of these wonderful people, how could I say no?

With writer Rob Morris
With writer Rob Morris

Diving into this world, I felt more of a difference to Doctor Who, it felt more of something I have been craving for in a great series and this is one of them. The range's actors do incredibly and my highest praise goes out to for a cast of two. David Selby and Matthew Waterhouse's chemistry in The Creeping Fog is just that good, the ending shocked me so much and my mentor who I had let borrow this, this is the home of not only Doctor Who at Big Finish, but to so many other great ranges like this. Dark Shadows is growing stonger for me as a range i will invest more into and that deal was sealed when listening to The Happier Dead, Stephanie is an amazing actress, taking on a role from a young actress of the original series to making her character more adult and to where she is now pre-Bloodlust is genius. Hat's off to you folks, and will be most defiantly be buying more at the next Big Finish Day.


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