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Sometimes turning on mainstream television can be great! You only need to click through a few channels before the average watcher can find something that they deem worthy to waste a little time on.

However, there are some that are always looking for something unique or off the mainstream radar to watch. If you consider yourself one of these individuals, then read on, because I have a few gems for you to schedule on your DVR!

1. Drunk History

I can't name a show that has made me laugh on a more consistent basis, than Drunk History. Airing on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. Drunk History is just what its name implies: people getting drunk and talking about history. What makes this show so funny is the comedians who get to not only share their views on historical moments, but the actors they get to recreate the comedians' stories. For example, Award Winning Actress Octavia Spencer just pulled off one of their best sketches yet. Don't believe me? Press play above and see for yourself.

2. @Midnight

Hosted by everyone's favorite Zombie Therapist, @Midnight is Chris Hardwick's answer to a pop culture game show. Four nights a week, Mr. Hardwick's team collects some of the funniest, grossest and oddest things the internet has to offer, and challenges comedians to take said clips one step further by offering a variety of quips or creative hashtags. Or, as shown in the clip above, comedians take a string of old emojis and give them a brand new meaning. If this show isn't being captured by your DVR, you're not really doing TV right.

3. The Writer's Room

Airing on the Sundance Channel, The Writer's Room is hosted by Jim Rash (Community) and features writing teams and cast members for some of the most watched shows on television. In recent memory, the show has hosted episodes on Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, Sons of Anarchy, and my personal favorite, Parks and Recreation. Rash gets down to basics with how the team of writers and cast have each helped to shape the show, what were some of the hardest scenes to film or write and what lines they will or will not cross. If you fancy yourself a writer, or just a big 'ole TV nerd, then you will want to find and subscribe to this show and podcast. It will be worth every second you spend watching (and rewatching).

4. Paranormal Witness

Before I even begin to describe why you should watch this, I will admit that I am repeating myself with this series. Even though I had picked it for one of the great ways to scare yourself for Halloween, I feel the need to reiterate how great it really is. Yes, it is scary and will possibly be the reason you don't sleep with the lights off for a week.

More than that though, you are seeing real stories of people who have had real experiences with the paranormal. The majority of these folks will tell you they weren't believers before they moved into that house, or visited that hotel. They will lay it out for you in a terrifying manner, how your life can change if you live in place with an unfriendly entity. Are they ALL real? Meh, who knows; but I certainly like to believe they are! Besides, a lot of these episodes feature creepy kids! Who doesn't want to be freaked out that?!

These are four of my favorite shows to watch that air off the beaten path. Let me know if you happen to tune in and if any of these choices made you laugh, cry or want to scuttle out to Hollywood for pilot season.


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