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So basically, I've got Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens on the brain right now, because that last trailer was really, really cool. But one of the greatest mysteries of the film at the moment right now is about who of the new characters has Skywalker genes in them. Which is only natural when you consider all the mystery that J.J. Abrams has deliberately shrouded them in.

1) Finn

There are two sides to this guy. On one side, he's seen lighting up Luke's old saber in the newest trailer, but on the other hand, his ethnicity would raise some questions as to who either Luke or Leia could have had a child with. Still, that wouldn't be too hard to explain. In my eyes, I don't think that he's a Skywalker. See, while we see him with a lightsaber, there's only been one scene where we see him use it, and for the rest of the footage we've seen, (and even in most posters) he's holding a blaster. Then there's the fact that he's a stormtrooper to begin with, and I don't feel like any son of either Skywalker would end up as a mindless recruit to a revival of the Empire.

2) Rey

The clue which jumps out at me the most for Rey is the striking resemblance to Leia, even though at the end of the day, that could just as easily count for nothing as it could imply a connection. But what does scream "Skywalker!" to me when looked at, is her origin. We see her scavenging on a sand planet and seeming to look longingly at a ship leaving said planet. That's a direct parallel to Luke's motivation from A New Hope. So yeah, there's a good chance that she'll turn out to be the son of Han and Leia.

3) Kylo Ren

This guy's a Skywalker. I'm calling it here and now. Sure, I've no idea as to who specifically his parents are, but while I'm not saying it's a guarantee, I'm roughly 90% sure that he has Skywalker lineage, and here's why. First of all, he's clearly force sensitive, hence the lightsaber and force usage in the trailers. Then there's his line "I will finish what you started" being stated to the mangled Darth Vader helmet. To me, that implies that he's a descendant who wants to take up his grandfather's mantle and live up to his reputation. Thirdly is the fact that none of his fellow Knights of Ren (all the people with similar masks to his) wield lightsabers, begging the question of "who trained this guy?" The only answer which comes to mind is Luke himself, meaning there could be a connection, possibly a familial one. Lastly, Kylo Ren isn't his real name, meaning that whatever his real name is, is probably being kept secret for a reason.

4) No-one

You know what I'd love? That all these new characters turn out to be just that: new characters, because people can be interesting without forcing some sort of lineage conflict on them. I'd just like them all to have engaging stories in their own right, rather than just people who happen to be Skywalkers. That's not to say they can't be interesting if they are family, just that the galaxy is big, and not every noteworthy person has the surname "Skywalker".

Wrapping Up...

There you have it, all three main candidates for Skywalker ancestry and my designation of their chances. If you reckon I got it wrong, then you know, point out why in the comments. But most importantly, until next time, enjoy your life.


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