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I'm like virtually everybody else on planet earth who was blown away by the Force Awakens trailer; I must admit, as much as the mess that was Lost scarred me, Episode VII has the potential to make me a believer once again in J.J. Abrams. Anyhow, watch this trailer first for like the millionth time I'm sure, and then read below for my thoughts and theories on what Force Awakens might have in store!

  • Awesome opening with Rey exploring the downed Destroyer; I'm pretty sure the voiceover at the beginning and end of the trailer is in fact Maz Kanata, and NOT Leia. The cool mystery is why she wants to know about Rey, and what she knows about the Force to say that at the end of the trailer.

  • Pretty sure Finn will be my favorite character in Episode VII; he;s conflicted and confused, but I sense a power in him that even he may not be fully aware of yet. His action figure suggests he was given an order from Captain Phasma that was too much for him, causing him to go rogue and end up crashing on Jakku, serving as much of the film's impetus, I suspect.

  • Kylo Ren is one bad dude, bu he's also a nutcase, worshiping a burned-out helmet. It kind of looks like he's overlooking some major scene, maybe the test of this rumored First Order super weapon?

  • I can only assume that that gathering with Kylo is the Knights of Ren.

  • I know I can't be the only one who's noticed this, but when Han's voice over is saying it's all true, 'the Dark Side', when he says 'the Jedi', we conveniently cut to a shot of Finn turning to face the camera. Spoiler anyone? If that's not confirming that he's Force sensitive, then I must really know nothing.

  • Rey is crying over somebody's corpse, right? Say it aint so, Han Solo, say it aint so!

  • So, Rey is firing Han's blaster? Did she get it from Han, or just take it after he's killled? The even bigger mystery may be why Finn has Luke's lightsaber. Did Leia give Rey her father's blaster and Finn her brother's lightsaber? Was Finn perhaps Luke's Padawan at some point before Finn becomes a stormtrooper?

  • Finn looks terrified as Kylo Ren advances, and the look on his face screams, "what the hell have I done, now he's really pissed off.' And yet Finn seems to know how to wield the sword, and Kylo's helmet is off, so maybe Finn turned out to be more of a match for Ren than he thought.

Anyhow, that's all from me folks; amazing trailer, hope the movie lives up to it!


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