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In this tale of small town intrigue, an urbanite returns to his quiet hometown on an impromptu trip as his Uncle, widely respected in town, struggles to evade suspicion of a murder. (IMDb)

I’m going to preface this by saying that I have been so busy, I had to watch this in 5-10 increments over the course of like two weeks. But, I actually think watching in this in one sitting may have made me give it a lower score. It just plods along in its two separate storylines, one about a guy in Chicago crushing on his coworker, and another about an older guy trying to cover up a murder he committed. It actually feels like two completely different movies. In my head, the writers Steven Piet and Erik Crary were writing two different stories, and couldn’t figure out where they were going/neither were that interesting, so they threw them together. The two storylines don’t intersect until the last half hour, which was thankfully more interesting than the previous hour and a half. The ending as a whole is also interesting, but at that point, I just wanted to finish the damn thing.



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