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Hi guys, this being my first topic, I want to discuss the trending arrow cliffhanger; who's in the grave. I think they told us about that in the flash.

the person who dies is Felicity

Confused, let me explain

You see, in one episode of the flash, Barry and co. sneak into Eobard Thawnes secret room. There they see a newspaper. This one;

In the bottom it is says, "Wayne tech/queen Inc. merger complete". This signifies the presence of Bruce Wayne but it also tells us queen Inc. is there in the future. In the arrow queen Inc. is renamed Palmer tech, and after ray's 'death', felicity takes over as CEO. Now the interesting part. If felicity dies, Oliver can take control as CEO of Palmer tech and renames it as Queen Inc. as in the future.

Again this is a speculation, and may not be correct, but what is true is that Queen Inc. will be there in the future. Thanks for reading


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