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Some recent Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice news has spilled over the week including multiple new pictures, information and updates. But there was a recent comment made by Zack Snyder that has gotten the attention of many fans that a new trailer might be coming "soon". Now this could mean a variety of things; it could come in days, weeks, or even months. His comment was very subtle in saying when we would get a new trailer, but there has been speculation and rumor on when we could expect another trailer for BvS. Let's look at the possibilities on when we can expect that highly anticipated third trailer.


Rumor reported last month that more Batman v Superman footage would be shown between the months of October and November. The rumor reports that on October 26th, a Batman-centric trailer would appear Monday night on Gotham and a Superman-centric trailer would appear on the opening premiere of Supergirl, which would lead to an all new trailer in November. Now if this rumor did come to fruition then it would be a brilliant marketing strategy on Warner Bros. part as the film officially hits the "five months to go" mark. It's not only a brilliant way to promote the film but to boost the ratings of the two respective shows. It would then lead to an all new trailer during the opening of Creed, which is a Warner Bros. film, which could cause people to see the movie only for the trailer and boost the ticket sales for the movie. Sounds to good to be true right? But one could easily make the argument that it too early for another trailer and that Warner Bros. would make the announcement that new footage for BvS would be shown on those two shows, just like how Disney announced that a new Star Wars trailer was going to appear on Monday Night Football. For me personally I don't think the rumor is true as it is just a little too early to show more footage and waiting another month or so would be better. But maybe WB is playing the quiet game and relying on the rumor to boost ratings of the show and then out of nowhere you do see new footage of the film. I guess the only way to find out is by watching the shows.


There was a hot little piece of information that came out a couple weeks ago possibly revealing the date of when the new Batman v Superman trailer would release.

The website is called The Projection List, and is a site where you can find release info on when new movies will come out, trailer releases, direct-to-home releases, and updates. Now, be advised that the website does say when it could possibly come out as nothing is confirmed. Let it be known that they were wrong about the Batman v Superman teaser coming out in February so just take it with a grain of salt but it would make sense to show another trailer to close out the year. Plus it would make perfect sense for it to release around the same time Star Wars does to add hype to the film. This sounds a lot more plausible than the other rumor that was reported and it would make sense seeing how Zack Snyder does have a little friendly rivalry with Star Wars director J.J Abrams and he did comment saying he would want to "up the ante." Now once again take this with a grain salt as I'm sure Warner Bros. is going to let a site reveal the date for its new trailer, but it wouldn't be surprising at all if this did indeed happen.


Many think the most logical and best time to show a new trailer for the movie is definitely next year. One would think it would be best to enter the new year with hype by showing a new trailer and really start the final push of promotion for the movie. Some might say showing three trailers for a movie that doesn't come out until next year is a little too early or runs the risk of showing too much too early. This does make the most sense as showing a trailer around Star Wars could potentially be overshadowed by the movie and airing trailers during the two previously mentioned shows could be showing too much too soon. There really isn't anything to go against this choice as it seems like the best option from a marketing standpoint for Warner Bros. Maybe around the Super Bowl?

A new Batman vs Superman trailer seems to be on the horizon, but when it will drop seems to be the source of speculation. When the trailer will drop remains to be seen. But it could be sooner rather than later.


When do you expect a new BvS trailer.


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