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TronLegacy. Tron Legacy was released in 2010 and it cost 170 million dollars to make. The movie wasn't terrible , but (in my opinion) it could have been better, and that reflected in the box office earnings, wich was only a meere 400 million dollars. Could have been worse that's true.

Tron 3 hasn't been made yet, because of the money risk, of course, but according to Olivia Wilde, there are other factors:

That’s the thing that I love so much about independent filmmaking. You do have that power to make a story, to make a film, if there’s enough passion and enough hard work – you can get together with enough creative people and make it happen. For larger films, and epic stories like Tron, you are more dependent. It’s not quite as possible as with a small group of filmmakers. It’s a different art form.

And she continued:

I don’t mourn the loss of the continuation of the story because I’m so grateful for what we got to do. And who knows? There were 30 years between the first Tron and the second Tron. Maybe I’ll be making Tron when I’m 60.

There is still a lot to tell in the Tron Universe, Quorra was freed in the end of the film and now is on owr world, so that leaves a lot of open doors for stories to be told. So...

Do you think there should be a third film or should they just stop where they are?


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