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Hello! Today, I am talking about whether or not a flashback of Jason Todd's death will be shown in either Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, or Suicide Squad. So, let's get started!

Brief Biography

Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin, died in an issue called Batman: A Death in the Family. The previous issue had a poll asking readers if they had wanted Robin to die. Most readers voted "yes" simply because Jason Todd was annoying to them. So, the story starts with Joker escaping out of prison. Robin tells Batman about chasing after him, but Batman says "no." Robin goes against Batman's order and does it anyways. This act however, lands Robin in a trap.

The Joker then tortures and beats the Boy Wonder with a crowbar, leaving him badly beaten. Joker then leaves the warehouse where Robin is being held and blows it up as Batman arrives. The Dark Knight then finds the dead sidekick and swears to find the Joker.

I'm gonna hurt ya. Really, really, bad.
I'm gonna hurt ya. Really, really, bad.

To see what it would look like, here's a clip from Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Now, if it were to be put in either Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, would the scene fit into its rating? We've already had word that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is PG-13 for mild violence and some sensuality, so is it exceptional? I'm guessing Suicide Squad will be a hard PG-13, just because on how dark it is. It would be bad to see a kid being beaten to death by Jared Leto.

What's HE Doing In Suicide Squad?


In the Comic-Con trailer of Suicide Squad, we see this part where Batman is on top of Joker's sweet ride as if trying to catch him. Does this scene take part after Joker kills Jason? If so, Batman must be pissed. I guess that's why Joker has metal teeth, cause he lost all of them to the Bat.


In Which Movie Will Jason's Death Be Shown In?

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