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Everyone other than my fellow EU fans seem to have this perception that Episode VII will be the best Star Wars movie ever, I'm here to hit you with a big stick named reality.

As mentioned in my last article, one exploring who Boba Fett is and what would make a great movie for him, I'm extremely skeptical about anything Star Wars after Disney's acquisition, remember Episode I had the same perception. Learn from it.

Of the little bits and pieces of Episode VII I have read, none of it looks really promising, the Knights of Ren are a group dedicated exclusively to the purpose of following Lord Vader's path, making it sound a little like a cash in but it gets better

This is Starkiller Base, the main stage of the First Order, look familiar?

It is basically a third Death Star but it can destroy solar systems instead of planets... Alright, its been 38 years since the first Death and 32 since the second, come up with something more original, please. I think we all can say we enjoyed the first two but we've also had our fill of it. Another Death Star is just a bad idea, plain and simple.

It doesn't help that they just killed off mid-story several Expanded Universe series, we may never learn what happened to Sev from Republic Commando for example.

To those of you who criticize the EU, actually read it please, the vast majority call it unconnected and awful before even reading a single book, don't just use Wookieepedia read the books, a few series to get you started are the aforementioned Republic Commando series (though incomplete still worth it), Legacy of the Force (same author, Karen Traviss), the Bloodties comic series, and the Darth Plagueis novels, among many others. Much of what people will site as stories against the EU actually do not exist in the EU and were never canon in the first place. Anyway back to the point

Every decision I've seen Disney make since they acquired the franchise has just felt like one mistake after another, I've been a fan since I was 4, I've read a lot and am deeply connected to the franchise and now it feels like that franchise I love so much is dying. However it survived the prequels and I hope it can survive this, I just wish it went to someone else, I feel like Universal would have been the best choice.

Mistakes include Sabine, I'd like her somewhat if she had been given any other backstory but Mandalorian??? That's a pure out cash-out, they even said they put her in because the fans love Mandalorians, the only thing she shares with Mandalorians is the armor. Mandalorian is a culture, a belief, its not race or place of birth, they are a warrior culture who believe in strength through conflict and hold it in their hearts deeply. The New Mandalorians are another insult to the fans of the Mandalorians and to Karen Traviss who made the Mandalorians who they are which infuriates me personally and it makes no sense that one that's very religion and law are based on fighting would make such a drastic change even after a cataclysm. How about killing off 1313 and getting rid of all of LucasArts then giving the rights to EA of all companies who are making a game with 3/4ths the amount of maps of Battlefront I, Battlefront I has more content than the new Battlefront, Battlefront II has around double and the new Battlefront plays nothing like the original series.

Of the little we've seen to me the movie feels very much like a rip-off, a cash-out. Remember Episode I had this same hype before it came out, the same levels of anticipation, remember that. Now let the hate flow through you.

Seriously this movie has beyond ridiculous amounts of hype for no good reasons other than it is Star Wars, you have to remember what happened with the prequels. From the bits we have there's nothing to get so worked up about. So far it just would have been better to follow Legacy of the Force.

Remember this is purely my opinion and speculations. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this below.


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