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Last Tuesday on the 20th, "Downtown showdown" the storage wars episode

was aired & it appears to believe that Dave returns again.

"Oh come on, do they think they could get rid of me that easily?"-Dave Hester.

Isn't that weird? All i noticed is that Dave is never going to be "getting rid" of.

I mean, why? Why couldn't they just fired him? Hmm?

You see him throwing Laura like that. Because of that,

Dan was doing "Paying the lady" part when he's protecting Laura

away from Dave. And because of his trust back (Which is i don't like),

Dan & Dave make themselves a little peaceful talk before the auction

starts, and not only that, he won 5-units (for his trust).

That episode seems to be a little harsh, But it's just my thing.

Storage wars on A&E.
Storage wars on A&E.

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