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with less than a week til Halloween which mean Monster will come out especially Vampires and let us don't forget about our favorite of all time: The Prince of Darkness himsel DRACULA!!!!! and here the 9 best version of the famous vampire:

9. Luke Evans - Dracula Untold

The Recent Prince of Darkness who debut last year and Evans was very good playing the Vlad III in the movie and his suit of armor is an reminiscent of certain version in this list.

8. Gerard Butler - Dracula 2000

An Pre Leonidas portray the prince in the early 2000's taking place in the present day at the time and it's revealed (SPOILER ALERT) that Dracula is in face Judas Iscariot one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus Christ.

7. Adam Sandler - Hotel Transylvania

The only recent film that Adam Sandler didn't flop thank for the popularity especially the sequel which also became an box office hit this year and nearly saved him for his list of flops, Adam Sandler Dracula is one of the funniest version of the prince of darkness and kids today enjoy him so much in the movie.

6. Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Dracula (NBC Series)

Meyers portrayal of the prince was very good compared to Evan's Dracula and it's very similar to his previous role as Henry VIII on The Tudors.

5. Konami Dracula (nearly every Castlevania entry)

One of the Best Boss in Video Games History, This version of Dracula is definitely the tougher final boss you ever beat him and he's one of the only characters that appear in nearly every games of the franchise.

4. Leslie Nielsen - Dracula Dead and Loving It

Possibly the funniest Dracula in my entire life on my Childhood, as an the parody of The Prince of Darkness, Nielsen will always consider the best Funny Dracula of all time.

3. Christopher Lee - Dracula (Hammer Version)

One of my favorite version of the Prince, Lee is definitely one of the best actor to portray the role he killed it playing the role and even the scariest version of all time may god bless you sir Christopher Lee.

2. Gary Oldman - Dracula 1992 remake

The First Film i remember seeing Gary Oldman for the first time in my childhood, he was very great playing the role and possibly the first time depicted him as Vlad The Impaler (along with his Impaling fatalities to his victims) before becoming as the prince of darkness.

1. Bela Lugosi - Dracula (1931)

The Grandfather of all Dracula's and the first to be refer as the Prince of Darkness himself, Lugosi is definitely one of the greatest Horror Actor in the Universal Monster Franchise and he's also BEST Dracula of all time.


Which version of the Prince of Darkness is your favorite's??


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