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Another episode of Arrow came out this week. Sara is back, so let's talk about it!

Diggle Trusts Oliver Again

One of the most relieving moments of the episode was when Diggle and Oliver finally trusted each other again. Diggle has been trying to find traces of his brother's killer and now Oliver is helping him. The reason he's been pissed at Oliver is because he's pissed at himself. Felicity's character was great this episode as she was putting Diggle and Oliver back to their senses. Oliver took a bullet for Diggle - or a playing card, same thing.

Double Down

He was another great meta-human working for Damien Darhk. He was a great player on his own but decided to work under Darhk, which didn't go so well for him. Felicity was pretty bad-ass and now Mr. Terrific knows that she works with the Green Arrow. He likes that idea because the Green Arrow is a symbol of hope. Put this in Season 1 or 2 and things would've been different because the Arrow was a murderer.

Sara Comes Back to Life

Sara comes back to life and is going completely nuts. She doesn't have a soul and is pretty much possessed by demons. This is the thing that Thea does not want to become, even though it will happen to her later on. Sara will be like this for the next episode but in Episode 5, Constantine comes on the show to help Sara find her "soul". Nyssa is also pretty pissed that Merlyn did this, but as he said, "I would do anything for my daughter".

Nyssa destroys the Lazarus Pit so when he dies, he cannot come back. This could mean a whole new thing for Arrow. Merlyn is not the only one who will not be able to come back, but everyone. For the people who thought Ra's was coming back, think again. There are probably other Lazarus pits, but for now, there isn't one. This does not erase the effects on Sara and Thea though, we will see this play a big part in the first part of the season.

Next Episode

Episode 4 is "Beyond Redemption" and it will mainly focus on Laurel trying to "tame" Sara. She tells her dad for help and we will see if he is happy or mad. Laurel will be dealing with the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, Oliver is running for mayor and will be getting help from Captain Lance which will be interesting to see.

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