ByKyle Joseph Weis, writer at

This was like a weird thing to do watching 'cause it was 18.12.2012 ..

Humorlously I don't really care about catastrophe-movies never did and so.

This one was still very funny from the beginning, entertaining, didn't have to use brains (i took this as sleeping movie..) somehow i managed to watch this throughout from beginning to end.

Funny acting like everyone is "whoa whoops" like you slipped on floors or something when world is coming to an end, I laughed out loud. I guess that was mainly the idea ;) And the Mayans story, everybody knows the legend ..

The minuses: 1) TOO long. 2) first part of the movie was real funny and get me laughing a lot but then like director was changed the movie entered to more "serious" theme and that didn't quite fit in this humorous set. 3) Totally illogical :D .. but there also comes PLUS with it, this beats titanic lol .. you know what i mean if you watch this. Titanic was based on true happenings though.

So I guess 7/10 is not bad or so. It does its premises and so .. nothing quite spectacular but yeah worth of watch :) If you take things too seriously or are afraid all the time in theaters don't watch this you miss the humor. Thats for me now, I have a Galaxy to explode.


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