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Hey guys, it is only one month since season 1 Netflix's Jessica Jones series will be released and they've already shown us few trailers (I think there were three or four , but I am not absolutely sure about this). In this post, I am going to show you some spoilers from trailers or even the comic- books connection to the series and also I would like to reveal the story of series at least a bit. And by this, I warn you, this post may contain some spoilers etc. so you have been warned... So let's get started!

What can we learn from the trailers?

When I first watched the main trailer (I mean the one, which is made in the "purple style" and the whole video is just weird), I said: "Bullshit!" I just basically couldn't see any spoilers or even any clues... But then I watched it again... and again... and about 16 more times... and then I found so many things in there.

First thing to mention is, that there was Stark Tower at the end of a trailer, so we can be absolutely sure, that this show is connected to MCU and it will even be connected to the Daredevil series. But another thing that is really important is, that whole trailer had some kind of purple style and you can even hear sounds like:"...Jessica........Jessica!....." Yeah, that is Purple Man which will be played by David Tennant.

Purple Man
Purple Man

Who is the Purple Man?

This villain is... I don't know how to say it... really bad (and also weird). He has absolutely purple skin and his ability allows him to make anyone do whatever he tells them to do. But this wouldn't be so bad. The bad thing about him is mind- controling women and abusing them. You are asking why is he Jessica's villain? Because he mind- controled her and he was abusing her for 8 months. Seriously, this is sick!

Well, but I still haven't said the basic story of the show.

Jessica Jones gained her powers while she was in a car accident together with her family. Her whole family died, but Jessica was affect by the chemicals which another car was transporting (This is so much like Daredevil's origin :D). After a few days, she found that she can possess super strenght and she has an ability to fly. During next years, she became a superhero called Jewel and she even fought alongside the Avengers. She was really happy superhero. I mean like... sometimes, she was just flying around the city and by that, she brought people happiness and hope. But then, she met Purple Man... After what he did to her, she finally broke out of his control, she started a job as a detective in a company called Alias Investigations (this title is in the trailer too). But her life was not so happy anymore, because she started to have serious problems with alcohol, drugs and she even told her best friend, Luke Cage, that he can do whatever he wants to do with her for one night. Her only goal was to make Purple Man pay for what he did to her.

And that is basically the story of it... The story will be about her trying to get enough information to get him. But everything keeps saying that he still has a little control about her and he is still trying to get her back, so it is gonna be a bit different than in the comics.

And the last thing I wanted to mention- will there be any characters from other shows/movies which may appear in the story?

Definetly! That is my opinion. First, there is surely gonna be Luke Cage, he is even in the cast of a series. I hope we will see him fight because that would be so freakin awesome! Second, I hope for Matt Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil, maybe because I like the actor and the characteristics of Matt, or maybe just because I love Daredevil so much! But there is a huge chance of him appearing because he is hitting the story in comics. And the next character, which might appear there, is Captain America... I know, this sounds crazy, but I am pretty sure he could appear. Because when Jessica is searching info against Purple Man, she accidentaly spies Steven Rogers and sees him getting dressed into Captain America suit. And I think this cameo would be great!

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