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I am sure all you wonderful Gotham fanatics have been keeping up on season two of the series. For fair warning if you've missed some episodes, there are some spoilers ahead, so watch out!

I don't know about you, but Jada Pinkett-Smith's character, Fish Mooney, added something special to Gotham's weekly recipe in the first season. It would be an absolute shame and a downright abomination to have it cut short after only a season's worth of episodes, wouldn't it? But that is seemingly what happened at the end of the first season!

Remember that climactic moment where Penguin hurls Fish off a roof-top and she plummets to her supposed demise?

birdie chirpin on the rooftop
birdie chirpin on the rooftop

Truly, it was a moment of triumph for Penguin. But sadly, for you Fish Mooney fans, you were either left believing for certain she was dead or, at the very best, hoping that she wasn't. Well, don't give up hope just yet. We've been getting some teasers in Season 2, and if they're any indicator of Fish's fate, we may not have seen the last of her.

"Boy!" with an "Oh" added before it was exactly what I was saying after I saw this intriguing conversation go down between Butch (Mooney's former and Penguin's current right-hand man) and Selena Kyle:

Butch: "I was there." (the night fish was pushed off the building by Penguin)
Selena: "She could come back."

There's more to that conversation, but that exchange really captures the heart of it. Ms. Kyle is pointing us to Mooney's return! Let me tell you why. Here is what we know about Fish Mooney's death so far:

  • She supposedly dies at the end of season one, but no one finds a body.
  • Penguin waddles about Gotham as if he is now the king of the city with Butch by his side, being uncharacteristically submissive.
  • Butch and Selena happen to converse on Fish's unconfirmed death.
  • People have continued doing work in her name (or at least out of inspiration), expecting her to come back to Gotham.

Now, I've never written for a movie or television show before, but I do know that every last detail of a scene is written with a great measure of intentionality (unless you wrote for LOST). There is a reason why we do not see Fish's dead body at the end of Season 1. There is a reason Butch is submitting to Penguin as willingly as he is. There is a reason Selena and Butch had a chat about Mooney's untimely demise.

If you ask me, it all points to the imminent and climactic return of Fish Mooney herself. Where? When? I have no idea. But one thing I can tell you...

It's happening (maybe)!

But what do you think?


Should we prepare for Fish Mooney's return in Gotham Season 2?


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