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So Theroux has graced our television screens with sarcasm and hard stares... And it has been brilliant.

Now he's done a movie.

Whether it gets released in cinemas or not is still to be decided, but I can safely say the movie is brilliant. Funny, witty and with a darkness that underlies it all.

The interesting thing about the documentary is the lack of interviews with Scientologists. As they refused to comment, or offer interviews- most likely having seen Theroux's previous documentaries.

However, at the same point, what did they have to hide?

Well this movie seems to answer that question...

A lot. It would seem.

Interestingly, the movie recreates scenes using actors, and involves ex-Scientologists. And it is a damn good time.

Here's what we thought:

The next question is:


Are you interested in this movie at all?

That's it!


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