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When Simon Lynch's X Factor audition aired back in September, it managed to get the whole nation talking about how he could ultimately win the talent show. Lynch continued to thrive, taking risks and performing unusual song choices including his own version of Jess Glynne's mega-hit Hold My Hand.
However, following the latest live episode of the talent show, Nick Grimshaw chose not to put Lynch through to the live shows. Instead, he opted to put through Mason Noise, who created controversy following his outburst at the six chair challenge. Grimshaw's controversial decision has everybody talking, but was he right to have eliminated Simon Lynch in favour of Mason Noise? In one word: No.

There are several reasons why Simon Lynch deserves the opportunity to continue his X Factor journey, and the following are just a few:

1. He takes risks

Lynch's first audition received acclaim, mainly because of his risky song choice. An audition is usually the time to play it safe, but not for Lynch, who sang Beyonce's If I Were a Boy. The risk paid off and Lynch sailed through to the next round: Bootcamp. At Bootcamp, which can often be the most difficult of the X Factor rounds to pass, Lynch again decided to take a risk and sing Roberta Flack's classic The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face. Again, Lynch sailed through with flying colours. When it came to the six chair challenge, Lynch again stuck to his guns and, with arguably his biggest risk yet, he covered Jess Glynne's Hold my Hand, slowing it down and making it his own, securing himself a place at the judge's houses. It's almost as if risk taking has become Lynch's trademark since his audition when he said:

"You've got to take a breath and jump"

If Lynch had gotten to the live shows, he would have certainly taken more risks and thrilled audiences with his originality.

2. His stage presence

Every single time that Lynch has been on stage thus far, you could hear a pin drop. He has a genuine stage presence that would have only grown if we had had the opportunity to see him sing on a live stage every week and perhaps the subsequent X Factor tour.

3. His talent

Lynch has a remarkable vocal range. Highlighted specifically at the Six Chair Challenge when he sang a unique rendition of Hold My Hand. The ending is magnificent.

4. Someone to root for

The X Factor brand has become associated with two main characteristics: Sob stories and controversy. Lynch has none of those attached to him. Instead, we are presented with a genuinely likeable, extremely talented guy who made us want to root for him. Lynch has said that he is "uncomfortable" in himself and that he never thought he could have followed a career path in singing which is remarkable, as he is immensely talented and a joy to watch/listen to.

Like several years before, I have lost interest in The X Factor and doubt I will be watching any further. Unless they bring in a wildcard and rectify this situation by bringing Simon back, they've lost a viewer and judging by the response on social media - I'm not the only one.

If you'd like to see Simon in with a chance of returning as the Wildcard, vote here.


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