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This week, my favorite trailer of the year dropped. It was the new trailer for Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens and it was the first 'real' trailer, as the other two were merely teasers. This trailer was so epic I was shivering and I was on a bus late at night watching it on my phone. The awesome thing about this trailer is that if you are a regular movie fan, you can watch this and take the visuals in. As I am a hardcore fan, I chose to analyzed the trailer with the little information we've been given. So, here are my predictions!

5. Han and Leia Have Been Separated for a Long Time

There are a few ways to analyze this. One is that the battle is just devastating, which I'm sure it will be, causing Leia to break down in Han's arms. Another is that Han has just returned from a long mission. My guess is that they have been separated, or divorced.

Something happens to split them up. Maybe this something is about their son, which I'll mention later. Their chemistry will grow and eventually, Leia will hug Han (pictured) and they will get back together. Also, let's not forget that it's not confirmed that they even got married!

4. This Place

A quick scene in the trailer is Han, Rey, Finn, and BB-8, along with some type of droid entering an old building with all these flags. There are a million things this building could end up being - hey, it could be another cantina for all we know! As for now, I am thinking that this is a Jedi Temple. There are a ton of flags everywhere, it just looks like one and they are probably on a mission to find Luke. Notice how the background of the shot of Luke's hand touching R2-D2 is fiery, just like the scenes where Kylo Ren is causing some destruction. Luke is most likely present. Also, did you guys notice the Mandelorian insignia at the top of the frame? This may mean little but this could mean these new Star Wars movies will be referencing The Clone Wars and Rebels.

3. Who is Dead Here?

I was almost certain this was Han Solo but I looked closer and, in the bottom right corner, it resembles Chewie's chest. Those are not hairs sticking up, those are branches. Either way, one of the two partners is going down, and I'm leaning towards Chewbacca because he's only in some scenes where Han is in some alone. Wouldn't they always be together?

2. Heritage

I can now say I am almost positive Kylo Ren and Rey are... cousins. Not brother and sister, but cousins. Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Queen Leia, and his turn to the dark side could be one of the causes of Han and Leia splitting up. Rey is the daughter of Luke and she is searching for him. Yes, Rey knows about her heritage and she knows Kylo and Kylo knows her. We know this because one of Kylo Ren's toys asks Rey if she is a scavenger now, as if they know each other. Finn is definitely an interesting choice, because how is he force sensitive? There is really nothing I can pull from anything that we have seen and know about the characters, so I'm not going to pull something out of nowhere.


1. The Starkiller Station

We're talking the Starkiller Station here, guys. This official poster confirmed one of the rumors going around and as the poster came out right before the trailer came out, fans were confused how it didn't make the trailer. Well, yes it did. This could be a stretch but the snow planet (let's assume it's Hoth) is turned into a mega base that can destroy star systems. Yes, I'm saying Hoth is the new death star. Zoom in on that poster and you can compare it to what Hoth looks like from space and there we go.

I am very excited to see this movie, hopefully sooner rather than later! What did YOU guys think of my predictions? Tell me below!


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