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Mary Cabilin

There's days where vacancy occupies your existence and you'll never know if your presence is ever enough. Days that makes you question if what you'll do will surpass the expectations of living. When you're moving too fast you're bound to overlook everything that you've done. Let's not figure everything all at once, and allow yourself to acknowledge how far you came.

The thought is always in the back of your head. It's either whispering coldly or banging in your head constantly; "Will I ever be enough?" Seven words that crawls underneath your skin, it's itching for your nails to dig them out. Living in a society where the misconception of what's "enough" vandalizes our minds, we will always look down upon ourselves. Expectations hang heavy on our shoulders and thinking about our lives in the long run, our mentality has become prone to success. Letting ourselves forget to applaud for all the small victories we all conquered.

Truth is, you're more than enough. How could you be more of something that you don't even have an idea as to how you'll fill in the emptiness? Just existing solves that. You don't need anything tremendously huge going for you, as long as you're seizing the day one step at a time. Then you got something for yourself already. Comparison will kill you, so save your time looking at people's empires and focus on your own. Don't forget you're a progressing growth of a human who will do indescribable things. Time will always be by your side. Even if you think time is running on it's feet, you will have time to seek the other side of your story. Other people's success shouldn't belittle your own spark. Clap for those who have reached their mountains. And root for yourself when you hear no one screaming, since you're adjusting your ropes to the heights that tower over you.

Doubtfulness will swallow you, but those chains should remain temporary. Personally, doubt to me is something that everyone will undergo no matter how old they are or where they stand in life. Doubt is like a box. If you let yourself see the same four walls over again, my friend that's a dead end. Recognize that you'll be stuck if you let the heaviest things weigh you down, don't get trapped inside a space that you can escape. Bolt out of the box, and believe your own two feet will suffice through the harsh conditions they will encounter.

Nothing's stopping you. If you think about it, the voices in your head control you. Nothing is ever stopping you from wanting to be the best version of yourself or doing things that expands the distance of your comfort zone. The voice in your head creates the illusion that you're worthless, that you live in the nothingness of abandoned hopes and dreams. You haven't achieved the peak of your life, don't create images that hinders your determination to live. Everyone's so besotted with basing their future of every sole error they make in life, a great future doesn't necessarily need a great past. Your past can be shattered, scattered, and broken yet your future doesn't have to mirror that. Your future can be anything you want. It can be a fortress of euphoria, where agony doesn't throb through your veins. It varies on how you will carry yourself through times of turbulence.

One of these days you'll look back on this article, this certain page, to look for a place of ease. If all the empty advice didn't help you, if that hug didn't relieve the suffering, and if your favorite song didn't make you dance on your feet. You're more than what your voice is saying, or what anyone says. You came this far, you have done everything you can to stay alive, and you overthrown anything that can inhibit your blooming. Cheering from the stands, that's all for you. As each day passes by, I genuinely hope that all of you are proud of the person you became. That all of you see the bursting light everyone witnesses from your being. God, you're more than enough.


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