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WARNING: Possible spoiler for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Ever since the final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, there has been speculations about main characters from the original trilogy being killed off. Many have said Han Solo, many have said Luke Skywalker. I don't want neither to die unless it's best for the story, but I feel that J.J. Abrams will this story justice. But here are the things that I see as evidence to support the theory that Luke Skywalker will be killed off. And of course, this is speculations, so take it all with a grain of salt.

What we can guess from the trailers:

We have through-out the three trailers that have come out seen alot of different people, environments and lightsabers so from some of the circumstances, we can speculate on some characters meating up at different times.

1: R2-D2 and Luke

This can actually be anybody since we can't see his or her face. But since we see Luke's iconic robot hand as we hear Mark Hamill's voice over say "I have it" in the 2nd trailer, I'm gonna assume it's Luke.

Now we see R2 and Luke looking at a light source. Possibly fire or lava. Remeber the orange light on them.

Luke putting his hand on R2 is very powerful and emotional. As if Luke knows he might die soon and is giving R2-D2 a final goodbye.

2. Kylo-Ren and the Orange Light

At this moment in the 2nd Trailer, we see Kylo-Ren turn around and hoolding out his hand, possibly using a force push. This could be his first strike against Luke.

But the thing that convinces me that this is the initiation a battle against Luke is the flames behind Kylo-Ren. As we saw in the last picture, Luke and R2 are looking at flames or lava. I believe they're watching Kylo in action and Luke then stepping in to stop him.

3. Is Kylo-Ren Bringing His Army?

Here we see Captain Phasma and stormtroopers of the First Order in probably the same place as we see Luke and Kylo. The sky is black and the fire is the only thing lighting the stormtroopers up.

4. Ready to Strike

Here, Kylo-Ren has his lightsaber raised above his head. This looks like a finishing strike to finally kill Luke in a glorious fashion. This looks alot like a coup de grâce.

5. Leia Receiving Luke's Lightsaber

Here is one of the biggest things for me. I believe that this is Leia receiving her brother's lightsaber.

This looks like lightsaber that first belonged to their father, Anakin Skywalker. Now you might say that Luke dropped that lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back. That is true, but he could have made a new one just like it.

You might also say that Luke had a green lightsaber with a different handle in Return of the Jedi.That's also true, but he tossed that away after he sees Vader's robot hand. He didn't have it when he took off Vader's helmet.

6. Leia and Han Grieving Together

This is a shot from the final trailer. We see Han comforting Leia as she stares into the void. This might be their way of handling the news that their friend and brother is dead.

Here's also the reason I think the one receiving the lightsaber is Leia. Her clothes look similar to the ones the person with lightsaber has.

7. Finn's Lightsaber

This is Finn with his lightsaber... or is it really his? Look at the part he's not holding. It looks just like the one Leia received. This might be the only lightsaber available for Finn or it's a way to honor Luke.

8. We haven't seen him

We haven't seen Luke's face in any of the trailers or posters. Maybe it's becuase they want a dramatic reveal in the movie, or it's becuase he dies early on, which will be the main inspiration for people to fight agianst the First Order.

Alright, Do We Want This?

Do we really want Luke Skywalker, the protaganist of the original trilogy to die? One of the most iconic characters in cinema history, do we want him to die? If it fits the story, YES.

We have seen what J.J. Abrams can do with Sci-Fi. He did amazing things with the Star Trek movies. They were actually good movies. He made the right decisions and re-ignited the Star Trek flame. I trust him to do the right thing and get Star Wars back to the glory of the 70's, 80's and 90's (except for 1999).

J.J. is currently in the middle of everything he loves, because he is a Star Wars fan aswell and he is an amazing storyteller. He knows the best way to continue the story. He will do the saga justice.


Do you want Luke to die if it's the best for the story?


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