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Jurassic World has just come out on DVD and watching it over again, that T-Rex fighting the I-Rex is just one of the greatest thing ever. Oh yeah, and there's quite a definitive set-up towards a sequel, in that a scientist makes off to the mainland with dino DNA, which has since been confirmed due to the film making, like, all the money ever. So what was that sequel tease implying for the future? Well, it's pretty vague, leaving it open ended for the writers. Which means I get to give you a list on the different directions I could come up with for it. Yay!

1) Super Crazy B-Movie

The bits that did work about Jurassic World were the scenes in which the film accepted itself as essentially a B-movie with a lot more money thrown into the special effects. These are the sections where it gets to cut loose and just make something incredibly fun to watch (see: that pterodactyl scene). One of the heaviest implications of the sequel tease is that the military are going to try and weaponize dinosaurs, which could be insanely awesome to watch. Basically the scene where the I-Rex massacres a bunch of security guards trying to neutralize it made into a full movie with more people and a wild variety of dinosaurs to choose from would be a great watch if the right amount of imagination was applied.

2) Some straight up horror

The famous kitchen raptor scene from the original Jurassic Park is iconic for a very good reason: it's terrifying! Sure, just like any other scene like it, it gets less scary when it's been viewed on several occasions, but I remember it gleefully creating employment opportunities for my bathroom the first time I saw it. So taking the tone of that and putting together some kind of tense thriller around dinosaurs being set loose on a fairly isolated village full of people somehow cut off from civilisation and trying to survive long enough to get help. After all, on the mainland you can't just escape the island to safety, all you can do is keep on running.

3) Go underwater

Let's face it, almost everyone's favourite thing about Jurassic World was the Mosasaurus. You know, the giant shark eating monstrosity of a non-dinosaur? Yeah, how about a film about trying to take one of those bad boys down after it starts swimming around the seven seas and destroying giant boats. Again, this would be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, fun kind of movie that centres around the extravagantly weird and wonderful ways to apply dinosaurs to the human world. But what's wrong with that? I love dinosaurs! So give me a movie all about them and we can forget about having any human people, beyond ones that I'll really enjoy seeing eaten by a T-Rex.

Wrapping Up...

Well, that was fun. At least, it was for me, I hope you enjoyed it too. Heck, why not give us your idea for a Jurassic World sequel in the comments below. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. That is, if I'm not too busy re-watching the DVD. But until next time guys, enjoy your life.


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