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In case you didn't hear, the folks over at DC/Warner Bros. finally grew a brain and gave the go-ahead to the Justice League Dark film that was pitched to them a while back by visionary director Guillermo Del Toro. Which I would imagine leaves most people asking the question “What the hell is Justice League Dark?” while I do a little song and dance. To answer that question, they’re a group of pretty messed up dark arts users who all generally use their magical knowledge to help people, although they can be fairly ambiguous. However, they occasionally team up to thwart arcane enemies that teams like the Justice League of America can’t handle. Think Guardians of the Galaxy but with a lot more sarcasm and black magic.

If, however, you did know who and what the Justice League Dark are, then you've probably been waiting for me to cut to the chase and tell you what my title was alluding to. So let’s do that. Next year, Suicide Squad (a film about super-villains being blackmailed by the government into doing good things) releases, and gauging the buzz that surrounded its trailer, it’s going to be pretty big. One of the characters who will make up this squad is Enchantress, a girl with a split personality. Which, rather than simply being bi-polar, means that every now and again she turns into an insanely powerful witch-monster who just wants to wreck everything up.

Now turn your attention to the recent comic-book series on the JL Dark. In the first storyline of the run, we see the team assembled for the first time in order to halt Enchantress, who has managed to separate herself from her human host and is now trekking around the place and killing a hell of a lot of people. In the story, we even get cameos from Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, showing them fail to take down Enchantress due to their lack of experience with black magic. This, I'm sure is something the folks at Warner Bros. would love to include, as they’d get to slap Batman on all the marketing, which I'm pretty sure is their favourite thing to do over there.

What makes all of this an incredibly logical idea, as well as simply a great one, is that it’s going to take a lot of time out of the film to establish this whole sub-community of arcane superheroes. So if we take a character already established in Suicide Squad and insert her as the villain, it saves a lot of time on explaining her whole deal and why we need to be scared of her. Then we can spend as much time as possible getting to know why we care about all these new characters and where they came from. It’s a good, solid win-win for all parties. There would also be no harm in how it would be good world-building; connecting it ot the other films in the universe and thus giving the feeling of this being one fully interconnected world.

Wrapping Up...

So thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't, then that’s okay, I just wasted a good few hours of my life, no big deal. However, please do leave your thoughts below if you found it interesting, and until next time guys, enjoy your life.


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