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Here we go again. The sixth Paranormal Activity movie.....plot? Hmm. Do I really need to explain it? New house, happy family....what's this? An old camera? Oh my god, we can see ghosts through it....and this time, they're in 3D!

As you can tell by my blatant sarcasm in the plot synopsis, I'm not a huge of Paranormal Activity, I thought the first movie did something interesting and new but the sequels just rinsed and repeated that same formula to the point of it becoming increasingly boring and at times laughable. The Ghost Dimension does at least try and do something new, by taking you closer to the paranormal with the use of 3D, but I think that's what the filmmakers really misunderstood about the appeal of Paranormal Activity. People are more afraid of what they can't see then what they can see. Seeing a child being pulled up the side of a crib by an invisible entity or doors slamming shut by themselves is a lot more frightening than a big black oozing substance flying towards the camera which is how the demon (Toby) is represented in this film.

The acting was surprisingly an improvement over previous films but they're still not good performances, but who am I kidding? No one is seeing this movie for characters, they're seeing it to be entertained, to be scared. it scary? Well, in, it's really not. The filmmaker fails to understand what's scary, an obvious CGI Venom like monster is not scary despite the filmmakers best attempts to make it look ominous or intimidating.

The story begins when an old 1980's video camera is found in the house which seems to be customized so that spirits can be seen through it, along with the camera are a bunch of old tapes which show young Katie and Kristi in their childhood when they were conducted into this paranormal world.

The Ghost Dimension has been said to be the last in the long winded franchise and it makes sense, the story has come full circle but as a non-fan of the franchise, I couldn't help but be totally disinterested by the entire thing.

You'll find yourselves asking the same questions time and time again; why is the little girl not afraid of the ghost? Why has this family not left the house yet? And why oh why are there six of these movies?!

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension might be the most conventional movie I've seen all year. Other than the 3D and the more graphic visualization of the ghost, there isn't anything different here than previous films in the franchise which are arguably more entertaining. This might be the worst in the series but saying that, I have skipped the past two entries, which may be worse than this (I don't really care to find out).

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