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Luke Skywalker is one of the most recognizable names in film history and deserves the best that acting can give him. Let's assume they do some sort of flashback scene in Star Wars 7, who could play him? Here are the top 5 actors that could portray Luke Skywalker.

5. Lucas Till

Lucas Till is a young and promising actor, and he has a similar look to Hamill. He could be an amazing successor and would knock this role out of the park.

4. Ben Barnes

Incredibly gifted actor with tons of experience already under his belt. He's been a front runner for a lot of nerd-related roles and has a lot of different ranges with genre.

3. Hunter Parrish

After his role as the older, rebellious Botwin brother on Weeds, he has proven his on-screen worth and can play just about any genre necessary.

2. Ryan Gosling

I was never a huge fan of Gosling at all, but after watching Drive I know he can pull off a role of this magnitude. He has been a front runner for Hal Jordan for a while and deserves his big Sci-Fi/Fantasy break.

1. Garrett Hedlund

Although Pan was a mediocre movie at best I believe the one thing that truly stood out and made it worth watching was Hedlund's exciting performance as Captain Hook. He would do an amazing job as Skywalker as long as he portrayed him similarly to how he portrayed his character in Tron- a young hero with a naive sense of how the world works.


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