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With the hype between Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and everything else going on, we're forgetting about Marvel - especially their next film, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). I have said multiple times that it is my most anticipated movie of 2016, so hopefully it lives up to our expectations. The thing is, when we hear 'trailer', the only thing we think of is Star Wars. Aren't we supposed to be expecting a Civil War trailer too? Just look at these release dates:

The Avengers- October 11, 2011

Iron Man 3 Trailer- October 22, 2012

Captain America: The Winter Soldier- October 25, 2013

Avengers: Age of Ultron- October 22, 2015

The last four Marvel trailers have dropped in mid to late October, with the last 3 having dropped within a few days of each other. This brings the question:

Why are they not putting out the trailer?

There are a few possible reasons. One could be that since Marvel and Lucasfilm are under Disney, Marvel knew that all this Star Wars buzz was happening and they would have to move back the trailer so it didn't get trampled in the buzz of Star Wars, because not even Civil War could beat out Star Wars. Another reason could be that they are not done shooting the movie and they are putting on final effects. I mean, the movie is more than 7 months away. Age of Ultron did re-shoots in January, four months before the movie came out! They did have a trailer at D23 but it was more of a bunch of clips with some music behind it. It was unfinished clips that are probably most likely only from the beginning of the movie.

Where is our Captain America: Civil War trailer?! Tell me below!


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