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Only 6-more episodes to go & the only ranger that we need is

the purple ranger. And that leaves Albert smith to be the male purple ranger

(Soon he'll pass on his powers to somebody else) & that also leaves

Kendall Morgan to be our officially (female) purple ranger!

On January 30 2015, this new season air on Nickelodeon

And it's been doing an awesome season!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the episodes are terrific, the rangers are so awesome,

the villains & monsters are so unstoppable-and

the Dino charge zords are so magnificent!

I've been loving power rangers Dino charge ever since it came out.

One of the thoughts I love about power rangers Dino charge

is that how I'm in love with the energems that they show

(Red, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Gold, Aqua, Graphite, Purple & Silver)

All 10 Energems.
All 10 Energems.

7 rangers down and 3 more to go! Speaking of rangers, zords, episodes,

monsters and villains, I like to give out my thoughts & ideas for

"Dino Supercharge". 1st I would like to talk about 2-new rangers (Aqua & Silver).

Since "the royal rangers" I've seen that Shelby's friend Julian

is a terrific artist, and he has shows coming up in Europe.

And not only that, I heard the rumor to see if we like to see if Julian

can be the new aqua ranger. If, the aqua energem is in somewhere

in that country.

After all, he has been wearing that blue shirt (like Koda).

But except, here's a problem:

"Elizabeth Dowden, the actress who is playing "Kaylee" in Dino Super Charge. 34 weeks ago she posted a photo on Instagram saying "You know you're on set when...

You can see at the bottom right corner her script, and if you zoom in at a really good point, you can read 'Pink & Blue Ranger' and 'Dino Morpher Blast' so it's definitely a Ranger scene, also she was listed as a 'recurring character', so now we're going to assume that she might be the female Aqua Ranger!"

Elizabeth Dowden.
Elizabeth Dowden.
Her script.
Her script.

Isn't that something? Now we have a competition of

the mystery aqua ranger around here! What do you think?

Could it be Kaylee-or-Julian? I choose Julian,

because he's been in his full appearance in "The royal rangers".

Even though that the rangers, Kendall & Keeper said

that maybe there's an aqua ranger out there that he

may not want to join them yet or have a reason of why not.

So if he-or-she, well soon find out.

And now for the new silver ranger.

I know that in the show, Tyler's father have been missing for 10-years

(Like Tyler said) and Tyler's been searching for answers about his

disappearance all the way. But still: No answers!

But along came fury might be his answers of why & what?

Now were getting into something. But ever since that mystery

gold thing have came out into fury's chest, Tyler assume

that might be his dad. But except in "Break out" It was Ivan all along.

The rumors that I have heard on Facebook that in Dino supercharge,

Tyler's father is found & will becoming the silver ranger.

Mr Naverro: Silver Ranger.
Mr Naverro: Silver Ranger.

Do you think he will be the silver ranger?

Anything can happen in each season on power rangers franchise.

So that's my thoughts for 2-more rangers! We'll find out what happens.

Next, is this:

Tyler's new battlizer
Tyler's new battlizer

This neat looking Dino charge battlizer looks good for Tyler if it can happen.

We haven't seen any of the battlizer powers since Power Rangers Samurai.

The battlizer gives each red ranger a new special powers to keep on

battling new monsters. And here's the best battlizers through out to each seasons.

I hope that Tyler can give the new battlizer name that he'll have in

Dino supercharge soon.

Speaking of which,

I know that there's only 10 energems, but the other thing is that

there's another (11th) ranger out there too: Talon ranger.

Talon Ranger
Talon Ranger

Hmm? I don't know about that. Having a talon ranger?

How come there can be a talon ranger out there

if there's only 10-energems?

But let's take a break of my thoughts & my ideas a little bit and this time,

I like to share my love for Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Dino Charge is my new favorite season ever since it came out because of

everything: I have 3-favorite rangers that I like:

1. Kendall Morgan/Purple Dino Charge Ranger.

Kendall the purple dino ranger.
Kendall the purple dino ranger.

The thing I like about her is that Claire Blackwelder (who plays Kendall)

was raised in Maryland, and Maryland is where I live!!!!!!!

I never have a favorite ranger actor/or actress who lives or raise

in Maryland. Claire also plays the piano & sings! I do the same

but, I also sing & play a lot of instruments: Guitar, Banjo, Autoharp,

Piano, Drums, Harmonica, Recorder & Bongos.

I have a lot in common with Claire, she rocks!!!!!!!

2. Chase Randell/Black Dino Charge Ranger.

Chase the black ranger.
Chase the black ranger.

Okay, so for what I like about chase is that he's get a lot of the attention to girls

& He spends his free time diddling on a guitar. I do the same too (Lol)!

Phillip the graphite ranger.
Phillip the graphite ranger.

3. Prince Phillip/Graphite Dino Charge Ranger.

Even thought that I'm going to miss Matt

not to be the graphite ranger, It's okay Prince Phillip for a change.

I've watch "Rise of a ranger" and it was totally awesome.

Prince Phillip feels aspire to be one of them. Since Ivan & Phillip

are from the same country (Zandar) they both are rangers

& should make the kingdom proud. That's what I like about Prince Phillip.

But on the other hand, I like all the dino charge rangers as well.

I have the perfect favorite episodes that I've been watching over and over

and over again. And here's my favorite episodes:

  • Powers from the past.
  • Past, Present and fusion.
  • Return of the caveman.
  • Let sleeping zords lie.
  • Break out.
  • Rise of a ranger.

And last but not least......

  • One more energem (Soon).

My favorite villains (only 2):

Sledge & Fury.


And now here's my ideas for the show (If you guys like it).

Even though we just have keeper as our only Allie on every episode,

(Though Matt & Chloe were on 1 episode only)

We need to have a little more allies besides keeper on dino supercharge.

I was probably thinking if we can see Matt again. Like for instance,

We can have an episode where Matt comes to amber beach for a visit

to see Riley. And figures out that Matt saw him morphing to battle a monster

& keeping his secret safe.

The Griffin Brothers
The Griffin Brothers

And if possible, I also love to see about Kendall's past

on the other new episode.

It's very important that we all want to see a ranger's past stories.

For Prince Phillip, even thought he has royal responsibilities to do,

I like to see him more. Speaking of Prince Phillip,

I know that Ivan is the knight of Zandar & Phillip

is the Prince of Zandar, I would also like to see

both of them doing the "Zandar" team-up and get to know each other

and talk about their country's history.

If so, I would like to name the episode:

"The Royal Zandars!" Or "The Prince & The Knight".

Sir Ivan/Gold Dino Charge Ranger
Sir Ivan/Gold Dino Charge Ranger
Prince Phillip/Graphite Dino Charge Ranger.
Prince Phillip/Graphite Dino Charge Ranger.

Next, I know that I saw this photo before

Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder & Dino Charge.
Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder & Dino Charge.

Let's get this straighten out, the 1st time that I saw this:

I love it. I think it would be a great idea if we can have a Dino team-up

with the mighty morphin & Dino Thunder. But,

I also wanted to see Dino charge & Megaforce team up together too

on the other!

Dino Charge & Megaforce.
Dino Charge & Megaforce.
Dino Charge with Megaforce (along with Orion)
Dino Charge with Megaforce (along with Orion)

If this Dino team-up is going to happen,

It would be important if we can have Tommy & Trent

to came along with Connor, Ethan & Kira.

I could probably have an idea to start off that sledge have met

the 2-past villains who came back alive itself (Mesogog & Thrax)


who teams up with sledge & kidnaps the other 4-dino charge rangers

(Kendall, Prince Phillip, Mystery Aqua ranger & Tyler's dad).

And with the rest of the rangers do not know what to do,

along came Tommy & Jason (the legendary power rangers)

helps them to get back their friends & starts to talk about

Mesogog & Thrax. I like to see this as a part 1-&-2 episode team up.

Dino Thunder team
Dino Thunder team

Now since that the actress: Thuy Trang died in 2001,

I decided to have the same 4 rangers (Jason, Zack, Billy & Kimberly)

to come on the Dino team-up but, I also added Aisha to the team up.

Jason the red ranger
Jason the red ranger
Billy the blue ranger
Billy the blue ranger
Zack the black ranger
Zack the black ranger
Aisha the yellow ranger
Aisha the yellow ranger
Kimberly the pink ranger.
Kimberly the pink ranger.

Speaking of keeper & the energems,

I also heard something on Facebook

about what if zenowing is the one

who creates the energems & tells keeper to protect it?

Maybe the keeper & the good torin have become friends

before that sledge have found out about the energems.

Maybe that the evil torin have battle against zenowing

& try to get the energems. But somehow he refuse,

& starts to kill the him. What do you think?

Two-torins: Left, evil-&-Right, zenowing.
Two-torins: Left, evil-&-Right, zenowing.
Evil Torin
Evil Torin
Zenowing (In dino supercharge)
Zenowing (In dino supercharge)

Do you think is going to happen?

I know that zenowing happens to be Torin

in the Japanese version of power rangers dino charge

(Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger), but it might be a good idea

to change his name into zenowing in dino supercharge.

Guess well soon find out.

And last but not least, at the final episode comes...........

I wish to see if all 10 rangers can battle against sledge

to destroy him once & for all.

Will they lose their powers if so?

Will they use their energems to destroy sledge?

After the final battle, what will the rangers do to get back into

their normal lives?

Well, the answer is...... Well see the dino supercharge teaser

& see more. Thank you very much

and I hope you enjoy it!

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge
Power Rangers Dino Supercharge
Power Rangers Dino Charge (10 rangers)
Power Rangers Dino Charge (10 rangers)

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