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Who doesn't remember this show? The warrior from the past, whose home was taken by the demon lord Aku. Trained from childhood, Jack marched forward to his home, with the aid of his trusted blade that had been enchanted by the gods. The show was a hit! Action, drama, heartache and everything the 8 year old in us all loved. Boy or girl; it didn't matter, you loved this show.

For four years, fans followed this show and we were gifted to everything from sword slashing action and homages to movies and comics, to finally an entire episode where we didn't need dialogue, we could follow the story just by context alone. The show ended before it could reach the righteous end of Aku and the freedom off Jack's people but the character lives in the comics produced by IDW-the company that also produces the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.

I need to read this very bad.
I need to read this very bad.

Naturally, I was sad we never got the chance to see the end of this show and would've followed it with the love that everyone who came into contact with it felt. It also made me wonder though...

Why was there never a movie!?

A Samurai Jack movie would've been amazing and we would all have eaten it up gladly for more of our Swordsman of a forgotten time. One thing that everyone of course would want to know however is: Who would play such venerable characters?

Fear not! I have put together a small list of characters, I think, would be perfect for such a series. So without further ado, let's start at the beginning with:

1-Samurai Jack

Being the hero you need someone with chops. Not just physically but also as an actor. For this, I think the best person for the role could possibly be:

Kane Kosugi in Ninja 2: Shadow of a Tear
Kane Kosugi in Ninja 2: Shadow of a Tear

Kane Kosugi

Kane is a versatile actor. Starting as part of his father's movies, as the little kid who could kick the ass of most adults. He soon tried to break from his father and become his own star in his father's mother country of Japan. Kane did surprisingly well, doing some Japanese action shows as a teenage martial artist to even starring in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (The series that was used for the alien ranger season of Power Rangers). He has since moved, doing more movies like Blood Heat as a cop going against the eponymous Blood Heat, a synthetic steroidal drug that causes madness in the user. He then came back to the states on War where he played a servant of the Yanagawa family. Finally he had a part in the infamous Dead or Alive movie (based off the game of the same name) as Ryu Hayabusa.

Kane Kosugi has proven himself beyond competent as an actor and fighter and I believe would make a welcome face to portray our time-lost samurai.

2-The Scotsman

Next on the list is probably one of the only characters to be considered a regular on the show (given the shows proclivity to leaving characters after their stories had finished). But this one, I think, would be fun to have around. Who is he?

Anybody who didn't love the Scotsman was a dirty, rotten liar. It's the Scotsman! This guy was one of the few warriors that popped up in the show who didn't get lost because he had multiple appearances. With the tTwo most prevalent being the episode simply called, The Scotsman and the second in, The Scotsman's Wife where we see development in the character with that the man actually has a family and a wife that, well...

Love is blind, my friends.

Who could play the mystic blade wielding highlander? about this guy?

Graham McTavish

I admit, this one is gonna be a bit brief given that I'm not too familiar with his work. Of course after some friends recommended him and I did a search, I just couldn't stop myself from saying, "Yes! YES! YES!"

This guy just screams Scottish warrior with the gun peg-leg. I have no doubts about the man's acting chops after my research and honestly; he looks like a dude who could wield that sword of his with no problems.


The one I'm sure you all have been waiting for. The Master of Masters, The Deliverer of Darkness, The Shogun of Sorrow! Ladies and Gentlemen...

Hello Nightmare fuel
Hello Nightmare fuel

This guy just permeates evil my friends. Voiced by the late, great, Mako Iwamatsu, before he was tragically taken some years ago. This character was just all kinds of perfect as the evil lord whom cast Jack to the future. What made Aku so memorable was that voice of his. It had the thick accent, but it just...sounded so evil. Mako definitely brought his A-Game with the role and we were all better off for it.

With that in mind I could only think of one actor I know still had the accent after years in the industry.

Sho Kosugi

That's right guys, the king of the ninja explosion back in the day would be the one to send the Samurai back in time. Makes it even better that Kane would be playing opposite his father.

During Kosugi's time playing, Lord Ozunu in Ninja Assassin, We saw the ninja master play a very different charaacter. A deep voiced villain whom looked at his enemies as pests as opposed to legit threats. It gave him the chance to show the audience a wider range of his acting capabilities.

Back in April of 2007 Sho had said something about his son Kane. Stating, Musuko wa hikyō da translating to, "My son is a coward!" In the same interview he likened his son to Judas and claimed he, "Stabbed him in the back." The actual reason as to why is unknown but speculation had ranged from his son wanting to establish himself as his own man or declined running one off his father's schools. In 2009 however, at Kane's marriage, his father was seen, sparking speculation of a reconciliation or that one had already been done.

Why did I bring that up? Well as you may have guessed I'm suggesting the antagonism that the two felt for each other could be used to give a very intense performance from the two.

Bonus level!

There was one episode I'm sure a number of us remember that showed just how cunning and evil the dark demon lord truly is. That's right guys, the episode where Aku posed as a woman named Ikra and joined Jack on a quest for a mystic jewel in a dual quest for revenge against the demon king.

Ideally, I believe this could be a three movie franchise and wrapped up nicely if they got a decent director so she shouldn't show up for the first one but preferably two or three. Who could play such a deceitful temptress?

Ming Na Wen

This woman has had a storied career and a handful of awesome roles as an active badass. The Calvary anyone? Bet you didn't know she also played Chun Li in the Street Fighter movie that people hate save for Raul Julia's portrayal of the Psycho powered warlord M. Bison.

Admit it, you love her already
Admit it, you love her already

How can you not want her in a movie like this?

Welp, there we go guys. four picks for the price of three and an open question to you all. Did you like the list? Know anyone who would be better for these roles? Know a show that deserves the movie treatment? As always in the comments below or...


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