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Tim Burton always has been and always will be my favorite writer. His work is nothing short of spectacular! One of my favorites being The Nightmare before Christmas. Probably his most famous film ever created, but it almost wasn't made! Can you believe it? That's just one of many things you probably didn't know about the film. Here's a few more:

1. Tim Burton did not direct the movie.

I was completely unaware of this. Apparently, Burton was too busy with Batman Returns, so Henry Selick directed it instead, while Burton produced and created the story and characters.

Selick and Burton
Selick and Burton

2. Jack Skellington's first appearance wasn't in NBC

He first appeared in Burton's 1988 film BeetleJuice, his head can be seen on top of Beetlejuice's carnival hat.

3. One minute of the movie requires a whole week of filming!

They had to pose each character 24 times for each second of the film! That's why it took over 3 years to complete!

4. Composer Danny Elfman wrote the songs and music for the film without a script or storyboard.

According to Elfman, Burton would just describe the scene to him. Elfman also stepped in as Jack's singing voice when it was discovered Chris Sarandon (Jack's speaking voice) couldn't sing. Elfman was also the voice of Barrel and the Clown with the tear away face! So talented!

5. It took a group of 100 people to create the film

That took some patience! I wonder if they ever got into any arguments on set?

6. The small man inside the bass player's instrument was based on a real person.

Did you guess it? Danny Elfman! Have a closer look and you'll see the resemblance.

It's uncanny!
It's uncanny!

7. The movie almost wasn't made!

Disney considered developing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1982 as either a short film or 30-minute TV special. The studio eventually shelved it for being β€œtoo weird.” After Burton's success with Beetlejuice and Batman, however, Disney quickly changed their minds.

Early Sketch of Jack as Sandy Claws!
Early Sketch of Jack as Sandy Claws!

8. More than 400 distinctly different Jack Skellington heads were used during filming.

I would love to have even 1 of them! Can you imagine how many times they had to change his head a minute, and how hard it must have been keeping up with all of them when trying to find the right one for a particular scene?

9. The set had trap doors!

The set was so large it had to be broken down into pieces to fit in one space. It had trap doors so animators could pop up and do the animation from beneath. So cool!

10. It all started with a poem

The film started out as just a poem by none other than Tim Burton, and grew into something much more! If you aren't familiar with The Nightmare before Christmas poem, then check it out. Burton wrote it during his days as a Disney animator.

Simply Meant To Be
Simply Meant To Be

Amazing how little you knew about one of your favorite Disney films right?


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