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For the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars , season 6B, we know that it will take place 5 years after it was finally revealed who A really was. It was revealed during the last episode of season 6A that there would be a time jump, with the girls appeared much different having finally finished college and are rekindling after being apart from each other. Yet we never heard of how the guys would look or what even happened to them! That has changed now, as Marlene King has revealed how the guys of PLL came to be after the five year jump with a recent interview with Alloy Entertainment.

First on the list is Toby, who is played by Keegan Allen. He stayed in Rosewood and became a police officer.

“He’s building a house all by himself because he’s Toby and of course he can do that.”

As for the English professor himself, Ezra Fitz, who is played by Ian Harding,

“Ezra Fitz is a bestselling novelist who finally wrote his first book and got published. When the show picks up, he’s in the process of writing his second one,” she said.
The next guy on the list is Caleb, played by Tyler Blackburn, who was last see in getting "involved with high-tech security stuff, and actually becomes very accomplished in his field.”

King even revealed that Lucas, played by Brendan Robinson, returns to Rosewood!

"He is wealthy, successful and has an amazing apartment to show for it."

Marlene King also revealed at the Paleyfest that this season will be very romantic, so we will be seeing the couples at a different level in their relationship now that they are more mature.

“I would say the show is actually more romantic than it’s ever been in this coming season. Yes, this new Big Bad is dark, but, in tone, we’re going a bit back to seasons one and two where the girls had more of a personal life. They’re now adults with jobs who can relate to their significant others on a deeper level. The stakes are definitely higher than they’ve ever been before.”


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