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5. Stephen Merchant as Wheatley (Portal 2):

Stephen Merchant nails it with an absolutely side-splitting rendition of what a nervous, opportunistic, British robot would be like if we ever got to meet one.

4. Mark Hamill as The Joker (Arkham Knight)

Hamill is the greatest voice for The Joker of all time and he brought it in this iteration of the game. It felt like all the pressure of being the main bad guy was relieved from his shoulders and allowed him to get into a comfort zone. It also allowed for a great sense of humor and self awareness, which allowed Mark to thrive.

3. Troy Baker as Joel (The Last of Us)

Of course Troy Baker was going to be on this list, what else would you expect? He's the most famous voice in gaming and deservingly so. In the PlayStation original Last of Us he once again brings a certain charm and danger to yet another character and it works beautifully. Emotion mixed with a certain aura of masculinity blended perfectly.

2. James McCaffrey as Max Payne (Max Payne 3)

Max Payne's inner-monologues and narrations have always been amazing, but McCaffrey's voice in the third title reflects growth, albeit a detrimental one. In Max Payne 3, Max has aged, can't outrun his demons and is entirely dependent on painkillers, booze and cigarettes. McCaffrey's deep voice captured Max Payne's dry wit, humor and apathy.

1. Michael Mando as Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)


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