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Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been known for being satirical gods in both their films and television shows, ranging from topics such as the porn industry and America's poor foreign policies in Orgazmo and Team America: World Police, to religion and so much more in South Park.

But in between these successes, they had a lesser-known cult classic, BASEketball, which perfectly satirized the world of sports and how they are all about being over-materialistic and unsecure in their lives.

The film itself follows three ne'er-do-wells Joe "Coop" Cooper (Trey Parker), Doug "Sir Swish" Remer (Matt Stone) and Kenny "Squeak" Scolari (Dian Bachar) who invent the game of BASEketball, a blend of baseball and basketball, in their driveway and follows its expansion into a major franchise sport.

The film holds plenty of witty jokes and anti-sport rules when it came to the game. The opening sequence of the film detailed the devolution of sports into nothing more than changing teams on a whim just for the money so much so that the athlete doesn't even remember what team they're currently playing for.

Even the BASEketball bylaws state that not only can no player change teams ever, but no teams can change home locations. While Parker and Stone didn't write the movie themselves, director/co-writer David Zucker did say that the two offered many valuable suggestions that ended up being used for the film, and I'm sure some of the rules were part of it.

In addition to the satirical jokes, there are also plenty of hysterical one-liners and gags throughout the film, especially the psych-outs the players used on each other during the games. The best psych-outs came from the protagonists themselves, of course, Parker even using his fat-guy voice typically used for South Park's Eric Cartman to psych-out a bigger opponent.

From the minute the characters are shown in their adult years to the end credits, Parker, Stone and Zucker never take their foot off the pedal in delivering great laughs and smart satire. BASEketball is the sports movie that makes all athletes blush because of the truth to it all, and it's an underrated classic that should be revitalized and shown to today's audiences.

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